Annual World Cosplay Summit, Nagoya

  • What is World Cosplay Summit?

    Japan’s manga and anime have influenced people around the world. As a result of its crazy popularity, the World Cosplay Summit was created. World Cosplay Summit is a cosplay event held by WCS Inc. In 2003 the event was held by Japanese television station, TV Aichi, as a sign of dedication to the interest in characters of Japanese manga, video games and anime. This event was attended by a huge number of people from both Japan and abroad. Around hundreds thousands of audience and participants came to this event. Approximately 24 countries and regions of the world at some point took a part in it in previous years. Nagoya has been chosen as a place that hosts the summit every year.

    The World Cosplay Championship

    The World Cosplay Championship itself comes as a part of the event. It is held to determine a grand champion based on performance of representative teams of each country at the stage. Ever since 2005 the championship was held with grand champions. The grand champions are from different countries as follows: 2005 from Italy, 2006 from Brazil, 2007 form France, 2008 from Brazil, 2009 from Japan, 2010 from Italy, 2011 from Brazil, 2012 from Singapore, 2013 from Italy and 2014 from Russia.

    Come and Participate in the Event

    You can also come and participate in this event either as a spectator or a cosplayer. There are many ways to join the event. You can find the information on the regulations for participation on their website
    The event is always held in Osu Shopping District and Oasis 21, Nagoya. World Cosplay Summit 2015 will be held from 25th of July – 2nd of August. The participating cosplayers make teams consisting of two people to represent their country in the parades, interviews and final championship performance. Their performance in front of audience will be broadcasted by TV Aichi and transmitted to all over the world. Every country has their own process on how to choose their representative.

    World Cosplay Summit website