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  • Have you heard about Japan’s techno-pop group Perfume? They are leading the electro-pop scene in Japan with their futuristic music and cutting-edge high-tech performance. Just recently, they made a magnificent performance called ‘Perfume x Technology presents “Reframe”’. The trio released a brand new album called ‘Future Pop’ this past August 2018. I bet all their fans are excited, just like me!

    Perfume’s new album ‘Future Pop’

    The company Amuse recently announced details about Perfume’s 7th studio album ‘Future Pop’. It is released in both CD + Blu-ray and CD + DVD and they come in limited and standard editions. The limited editions include a sticker as a gift. CD + Blu-ray limited edition costs 4,980 yen with tax. CD + DVD limited edition costs 4,600 yen with tax. The standard edition for CD + Blu-ray costs 3,980 yen with tax and 3,600 yen with tax for standard edition CD + DVD.

    This is a brand new era for Perfume and their fans. In the evening of July 16th, Perfume released their song from ‘Future Pop’ album entitled ‘Let Me Know’. In my opinion, it’s a great song! However, some fans are still hesitating. Many fans are wondering how Perfume and their choreographer will put together the dance routines to the song and what kind of music video they will produce.

    The following is the song list from their album ‘Future Pop’:

    01. Start-Up
    02. Future Pop
    03. If you wanna
    04. TOKYO GIRL
    05. FUSION
    06. Tiny Baby
    07. Let Me Know
    08. Chorairin
    09. Mugenmirai
    10. Housekino Ame
    11. Tenku
    12. Everyday

    Here are some of their past songs that are included in the album:

    ‘TOKYO GIRL’ – Theme song of NTV drama ‘Tokyo Tarareba Musume’

    ‘Housekino Ame’ – Ora2 x Perfume Kuchimoto Beauty Project campaign song

    ‘If you wanna’ – Ora2 × Perfume Kuchimoto Beauty Project campaign song

    ‘Everyday’ – Perfume x Panasonic AWA DANCE campaign song

    ‘Mugenmirai’ – Theme song of film ‘CHIHAYAFURU Part.3’

    ‘FUSION’ – NTT docomo ‘FUTURE-EXPERIMENT VOL.01 docomo×Perfume Eliminate the Distance’ tie-in song

    These are the music videos included in the Blu-ray and DVD:

    [Limited Edition bonus Blu-ray/DVD]

    ・If you wanna
    ・Let Me Know
    ・Let Me Know –Making of-
    ・TOKYO GIRL –Special Live-
    ・If you wanna –Special Live-
    ・TOKYO GIRL –Dec. 31, 2017 NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen-
    ・FUSION –Perfume×TECHNOLOGY presents ‘Reframe’-
    ・Perfume no Tadatada Radio ga Sukidakara Radio 3

    [Standard Edition bonus Blu-ray/DVD]

    ・If you wanna
    ・Let Me Know
    ・Perfume no Tadatada Radio ga Sukidakara Radio 3

    All versions are available on Amazon Japan.

    Future Pop on Amazon*Japanese

    Perfume 7th Tour 2018 ‘FUTURE POP’ Nationwide Arena Tour

    As expected, they held a nationwide tour to promote their new album ‘Future Pop’. The tour kicked off in Nagano on September 21st during Perfume ’s debut anniversary. Perfume will visit 9 cities and perform 18 shows! The tour will continue until December 24th, the last venue being Marine Messe Fukuoka.

    Perfume’s other activities this 2018

    View this post on Instagram

    #fbf 💕🎆 @lofficielusa

    A post shared by Perfume Official (@prfm_official) on

    Just recently, Perfume participated in the TV shows ‘The Music Day’ and ‘Ongaku no Hi’. They delivered enchanting performances of ‘Mugenmirai’ and ‘TOKYO GIRL ‘. The girls also participated in a music festival in Taipei, Taiwan this past August 4th and 5th. Aside from that, Perfume is again holding a dance contest for their fans. This contest is open to all fans not only from Japan but the rest of the world. Perfume asked their fans to imitate the performance of ‘TOKYO GIRL ‘. The final round was held on August 25th in Tokyo. Besides that project, they have another new project called ‘Perfume Closet’. Their objective is to sell clothes that were based on their songs. You could check their Website for more information.They even have a new endorsement from a coffee shop chain called Tully’s.

    The Writer’s Personal Thoughts about ‘Future Pop’ and Perfume’s Future Activities

    I am a huge fan of Perfume since 2012. I knew of them since 2008 during their Polyrhythm and Chocolate Disco era but I only started following their career since 2012 and I don’t regret it! I love them to bits! Regarding Perfume’s new song ‘Let Me Know’, I waited for the song to be aired on their radio show ‘School of Locks’. I find the song sweet. Almost all of their tunes sound so sweet!

    There are six new songs from this brand new album and I am looking forward to listening to them. I already pre-ordered the limited edition through a friend in Japan and I can’t wait to receive it! I am also looking forward to the music videos and video clips that are included in the package. There are some new clips included in there that have not yet been released.

    Perfume is planning on visiting Taiwan for another music festival and will have an arena tour in Japan. They haven’t toured in the Philippines yet, where I am from. It seems unlikely for now since they don’t have much of a fan base here in the Philippines. I’ve been to their live concert in Singapore for their first world tour. I hope to see them in Japan someday.

    The fans are now teased with the preview of their new song in their radio station and all of us are very excited!

    For more information about Perfume:
    Perfume official Website

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