Fatburger, a Taste of America’s ‘Fresh, Authentic and Tasty’ Burger, is now Available in Tokyo!

  • America’s Fatburger is now available in Japan! They are famous for their patties that are roughly double the size of ordinary Japanese burgers. Although the food chain’s name sounds unhealthy, it actually stands for ‘fresh’, ‘authentic’ and ‘tasty’ burger. This means that the shop only uses high-quality lean beef to maintain its reputation for serving excellent quality meat.

    Brief History of Fatburger

    Since Fatburger will become a common sighting in Japan, it’s probably good to know a bit about its background. It’s an American fast food chain restaurant that provides foods that are made-to-order. Although the shop has several different items on its menu, their main focus is on the meat patties that come in different sizes and different quantities. Lovie Yancey, an African-American born in Texas, founded Fatburger. The original name of the chain was ‘Mr. Fatburger’ which was paying homage to Yancey’s boyfriend. In 1952, she removed the ‘Mr’ in Fatburger. What’s great about Fatburger is that people can customize their burgers. Yancey never worried about popular competitors such as McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Burger King because she believed that a good burger always sells itself.

    Fatburger in Tokyo

    Based on Fatburger’s success and positive responses from customers, they have opened its doors internationally. Their first-ever Japanese branch was opened last April 28, 2018, inside the Magnet by Shibuya 109 shopping/dining complex. Among the things you can expect on the menu are the ‘Original Fat Burger’ (680 yen) and ‘US King Burger’ (2,560 yen). The ‘Original Fat Burger’ is 100% pure lean beef that has been grilled to perfection. This is built-to-order and served with a freshly-toasted sponge-dough bun. The ‘US King Burger’ consists of 690-gram of fresh lean beef. Finishing such monster beef can earn you a spot in the ‘Wall of Fame of Fat Burger’. You can choose the following toppings to go with your burger: mayo, mustard, ketchup, lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, relish, and extra patties. The ‘add-ons’ are cheese, egg, chili, bacon and onion rings. They also have on their menu buffalo wings, chicken sandwich, fat fries, skinny fries, side salad, chili cheese fries, homemade onion rings, garden salad as well as chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry milkshakes. They also serve alcohol so, you can choose the dish you want with your beer or liquor. They serve bottled beer, draft beer, cocktail, high ball and tequila to go along with your chips & salsa and chorizo sausages.

    Fatburger is available for any individual interested in venturing out and opening a franchise. Authorization will depend upon your background, business style as well as financial capacity. Start-up sum will depend upon the size of the restaurant and local conditions.

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    8/8 これうますぎた。 . パティだけで見たら今まで食べた中で一番美味しかったと思う。 . パティ自体の味がしっかりしてて、一口かぶりつくだけで溢れ出す肉汁と強めの胡椒の香りがガツンと主張してくるのを感じられる一品。 . かなり濃い味なバーガーなのに間に挟まってるトマト、レタス、ピクルスの野菜の甘みや酸味がそれをほどよくまろやかにしてくれていつの間にか食べきってしまう程には夢中になれる。 . ポテトはスキニーとファットの二種類が選べて俺はスキニーを選んだんだけど、塩が控えめだったこともあり、ペロリと完食した。 . 塩気が足りない人や胡椒を加えたい人でも机上に置いてあるから問題なし。 是非とも食べて頂きたいバーガー🍔 #FATBURGERJAPAN #SHIBUYA

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    Shibuya branch is just the first branch that Fatburger opened in Japan. They are hoping to open at least 10 restaurants within three years. Hopefully, by this time, the Japanese people will become familiar with the American chain. If you’d like to try a huge, authentic American burger with everything in it, you will never go wrong with Fatburger. It is a very satisfying, sumptuous meal.

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