Meet Japan’s last samurai: Joe Okada

  • Do Samurais still exist?

    Do you ever wonder if the Samurai you saw in the movies or know from the stories still exist? Moreover, have you ever wondered if you can meet them on your trip to Japan? I too, have asked myself those questions.

    Actually, samurais disappeared a long time ago. In Japan, nowadays, you can only meet ‘no-too-authentic’ samurais in some historical places such as castles. In Kyoto, you also can meet one of those samurai whose name is ‘Joe Okada (岡田ジョー)’.

    The Last Samurai of Japan


    Joe Okada has been called the ‘Last Samurai’ by people who meet him. Actually he was a tour guide. This 83 year old man has been guiding many visitors who come to Kyoto since 50 years ago. He innovated himself to offer something special for visitors rather than only being a tour guide. So, since then, he become ‘Today’s Samurai’ to entertain people.

    Ever since he became a samurai he performs many samurai tricks with the real sword, such as cutting a fruit with a sword above someone’s head, in front of people. This is a real samurai art that only Joe Okada can perform. His show really amuses many people. In addition, Joe Okada can teach you samurai sword skills in about five hours, according to Guinness rules, so you too can cut apples in the air.

    Another program that Joe Okada provides if you join his tour is Kyoto walking tour for 5 hours. You will visit and explore some famous places of Kyoto such as Kyoto Imperial Palace Forest, buddhist temples, shinto shrines, and Shuseuitei garden.

    If you want to join the tour, you can contact him via an email. The tour needs to be reserved in advance.

    How to Reserve

    You can view his website and contact him via an email provided there!

    Make sure to experience Japan with the real Samurai!