Top 10 delicious meals from convenience stores!

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  • As you may know, convenience stores in Japan or Konbini always provide you with delicious packages of foods that we call ‘bento’. It is not a difficult thing for people who live in or visit Japan to find the food when they get hungry and there are no restaurants around.

    Foods in konbini mostly have kinds of noodles like pasta or udon, or rice. Below are the kinds of foods that are available in Japanese Konbinis. This article will give you description of most common foods that can be found in Japanese convenience stores, for those who never visited Japan before, and will make you understand that Japan never runs out of good food!

    1. Pasta

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    Pasta is very easy to find in a konbini. Pasta in a konbini comes in different forms. Some of it is tomato sauce pasta with beef or pork, and others are seafood types with clamps and such.

    2. Chicken rice

    Chicken rice is also one of the most common foods in konbini. In Japan, fried chicken is called karaage. So go and try karaage with rice in Japan!

    3. Sushi

    It is no doubt that you can find sushi anywhere in Japan. And a convenient store is no exception. So, if you want sushi at even more affordable price, you can always buy it here.

    4. Chinese dumpling

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    Chinese pan-fried dumpling or gyoza is also one of the most favorite foods in Japan. These dumplings might also taste different from those in the other countries. So why not try a Japanese Gyoza when you are here?

    5. Chicken katsu rice

    Chicken katsu is a Japanese breaded deep-fried chicken cutlet. Normally katsu is eaten with rice. Chicken katsu with rice can easily be found in a konbini.

    6. Udon

    There are different kinds of udon available in a konbini. Udon is always a great food for any situation!

    7. Soba

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    Soba is another common dish found in a convenience store. Soba is noodles made from buckwheat floor. And is normally eaten cold in summer!

    8. Salad

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    Salad can undoubtedly always be bought in any konbini. There are many different types of salad. Some of them are mixed with noodles.

    9. Tofu with rice

    Japan is famous for its fresh and soft tofu. Some tofu are cooked with mashed meat and a sauce. This kind of dish is very popular in Japan.

    10. Gyudon

    Gyudon is another famous Japanese dish. It is beef fried with vegetables in sweet sauce put on top of rice.

    Actually there are many more options of bento provided in Japanese convenient stores. Foods like takoyaki, tempura with rice, curry with rice, soups can be purchased at any time almost everywhere. That’s why when you visit Japan, you will never run out of the new things to try!