3 Most Common Japanese Freebies!

  • Japanese service industry is considered the most magnificent out of all. Today it is also the main industry in Japan. And there there are plenty of common services you will come across here! The main one being countless freebies that people are used to here, but that you probably won’t encounter elsewhere.

    1. Tissue paper

    This freebie’s idea is simple. The company puts an advertisement paper into the tissue case. The worker employed by the company hands the tissues out to the passerby on the road. But some advertisements focus on one particular demographic groups at the time, such as only women or only people over 18 years old, if you’re out of that group you won’t be handed those! In winter, almost all of the passerby want to get those tissues because many people catch a cold more easily than during other seasons.

    2. Gogai

    Gogai is a free irregular newspaper. This newspaper comes out as rare as once a year. Gogai is only a few pages and is absolutely free. When can you get it? Ever since the very beginning of the Gogai history, the newspapers were bought when a big news happened. As for recent examples, during woman soccer world cup in Germany in 2011 Japan was a champion, in that time Gogai was published. Gogai was also published when the prime minister had changed. Other than in those cases, Gogai is published when the great news whether whether good or bad happens.

    3. Paper bag Plastic Cover

    This freebie is not too much. When you go shopping in Tokyo or another big city on a rainy day, you will probably handed this cover. The purpose of this cover is to protect your goods in a paper bag from the rain. When I visited Europe and bought some clothes that were put into a paper bag, it was raining, the paper bag got wet, and, in addition, my new clothes was wet too. So from that time I realised that such simple part of a service as a plastic bag makes it higher quality. And I hope someday the big stores will introduce this freebie to the entire world!

    So here are three most common freebies in Japan, but there is more. So when you visit Japan, I am sure you will find the service making a lot of things very comfortable!