Summer: Time to try Nagashi Somen

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    Maybe some of you already know what Somen is. Somen is a Japanese noodle made from wheat flour that are thinner in diameter than the standard noodles. It becomes a favorite dish in Japan during summer, as it is usually served cold and is eaten by dipping it in a sauce called tsuyu.

    Do you know that there is a special somen that is called ’Nagashi Somen’ (流しそうめん)? Nagashi somen is a somen that is served by floating through a bamboo pipe filled with cold water. People have to catch the noodle using their chopsticks while the noodles flow by. Nagashi Somen is a Japanese summer tradition. We can also see Nagashi somen traditionally served in some restaurants, but Japanese people like to do it in their backyard.

    Eating nagashi somen can be fun as people try to catch the flowing somen together. So if you want to eat nagashi somen, you want to test your skills in using chopsticks.

    Making Nagashi Somen at Your Home

    If you want to make some nagashi somen with your family or friends, you have to start with getting a bamboo pipe with a diameter of around 5-6 cm. Get the bamboo, and cut it vertically using hatchets and square timber, you need to get a help from local people who understand how to do it, as it is not an easy thing to do. If bamboo is already available, you can start preparing to make somen. You have to buy a good recommended brand, as the cheaper brand will normally get sticky when it is cooked, then prepare the sauce which is available in the supermarket and serve other ingredients like chopped green onion, minced ginger, and minced sesame to eat with the somen and sauce.
    If the bamboo is there, and somen and sauce are already cooked, as well as other ingredients, you can start making your house nagashi somen party.

    Don’t Forget To Enjoy Somen or Nagashi Somen This Season

    Many Japanese people like to make nagashi somen at their backyard, but don’t worry because as I told you this floating somen is also available in the restaurants so you can have a chance to try it, even if it is impossible to make at home.