Circus Outdoor introduces a New Glamping Site within Tokyo’s City Limits

  • “Glamping,” also known as glamorous camping, is nothing new in Japan. It is one of the latest trends that are spreading out in the country. Just this year, another luxury camping experience opened in Tokyo’s Okutama region. Okutama is a town located in the western portion of Tokyo Metropolis. Although the place is not located in the heart of the city, it is still within the city limits. With the help of “Circus Outdoor,” people can now do glamping just within the outskirts of Tokyo.

    Glamping in Japan

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    【お部屋】Jumpin Jackalope このお部屋はサーカス団の団員が控え室として使っていたという設定で毎回デザインされています。床は、ショーで使った布を何枚も張り合わせたという可愛いパッチワークのラグが見えます。入口から中に入ると、所狭しと移動で使ったトランクやブラスバンドチームのトランペットなどが置いてあります。 . 【ご相談受付中】 Circus Outdoorでは、豊富なグランピングの経験値を世の中のために生かしたいと考えております。キャンプ場や空き地などをグランピング場にしたい!という方へのコンサルティングも行なっておりますのでお気軽にご連絡くださいませ。( . 【サーカス団員募集!】 一緒にCircus Outdoorの世界を作ってみたい方は、crew@circusoutdoor.com宛に『インスタ見たけどサーカス団員やってみたい!』とメール下さい。ボランティアからの参加ですのでお気軽にどうぞ⭐️ . #グランピング #glamping #キャンプ #東京 #アウトドア #自然 #fashion #gm #BFF #ootd #l4l #shopasplund

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    The first glamping resort in Japan was opened in 2015 by Hoshino Resorts. It was built amidst the nature surrounding Mt. Fuji. It followed the concept of “glamping on a hill” which blended both worlds of glamour and camping. Another area which provides such experience is the Southern Peninsula in Shizuoka Prefecture. The site provides large cotton tents which are raised above grounds on wooden decks. Next is Hatsushima Island Resort which provides a glamping experience with fishing, snorkeling, diving and onsen (hot spring) opportunities.These are just some of the luxury versions of sleeping under the stars. More glamping places are expected to open in the near future.

    The New Glamping Site

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    【お部屋】Pink Elephant 像が大好きなサーカス団長の控え室として使われていたお部屋PEは、いつもどこかしらに像さんがいます。愛するサーカスクルー達の写真が飾られていたりするかもしれませんので探して見てね༼ꉺ.̫ꉺ༽ そういえば、最近客室係のJoshが新人欲しいと言ってましたので、instaチームでもサーカス団員募集始めます! 一緒にCircus Outdoorの世界を作って見たい方は、circusoutdoor.crew@gmail.com宛に『インスタ見たけどサーカス団員やってみたい!』とメール下さい。ボランティアからの参加ですのでお気軽にどうぞ⭐️ #キャンプ #Camp #東京 #グランピング #glamping #アウトドア #お洒落 #楽しそう #贅沢キャンプ #女子会 #グラマラス #休暇 #自然 #セレブ #テント #バースデー #アウトドア女子 #お泊まり #girls #ファッション #写真 #リゾート #アウトドア派 #シティグランピング #gm #BFF #ootd #l4l #fashion #shopasplund

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    On March 2018, another glamping site opened in Japan. The glamping grounds are set in a 4,000 square meters area up a hill from Lake Okutama. With the help of Circus Outdoor operator, people can now experience glamping in the beautiful region of Okutama. This experience allows people to go camping without the hassle of pitching tents and cooking for themselves. Instead, they will be able to camp like royalty surrounded by elegant furniture, comfortable beds, lounge tables and other indulgent amenities. The tents have been inspired by 19th-century Europe. They come in five different set-ups with prices ranging from 35,000 yen to 150,000 yen per person. This includes breakfast, dinner and extra drinks. The “Royal Griffin” is the most expensive tent which can accommodate up to two guests. The furnishings are valued at 10 million yen. Guests will be able to experience luxury dining prepared by chefs of Otto restaurant. They can also accommodate individual dining requests. In addition to this, they can also enjoy strolling around Lake Okutama. This is an artificial lake that offers a good harmony of natural beauty and man-made structures. It is also considered an important source of drinking water in Tokyo. Guests can also take part in everyday activities such as deep-breathing workshops.

    Additional Information

    Check-in Time – 3:00 p.m.
    Check-out Time – 10:00 a.m.
    Address: 290-1 Kawano, Okutama, Nishitama District, Tokyo 198-0225

    Circus Outdoor used to launch popup events around Japan but now, they have finally decided to make their location permanent in Okutama. This glamping site follows the theme “the world’s most beautiful outdoor field.” They promise guests to experience the beauty of raw nature and luxury hotel’s comfort in one. If you haven’t tried glamping before, then I suggest you consider booking a reservation at Circus Outdoor. It is a great weekend camping getaway that is not far from the heart of the city. It is a far cry from Tokyo’s nightlife.

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