Explore These 8 Popular Side Trips from Tokyo

  • Tokyo (東京) is unarguably the most popular destination in Japan and for the first timers, a visit to this modern capital is a must. Some might say that they never run out of things to do in Tokyo. But for others who have already been to this well-loved city and have already seen enough, then maybe it`s about time to explore other parts of Japan. Below you can check out some exciting places that are easy to reach from Tokyo:

    1.Kawagoe (川越)

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    「駐車場の神様」川越観光・ドライブ編! 川越観光・ドライブで、小江戸、大正浪漫の雰囲気を満喫!重要文化財の喜多院に参拝もいいですよ! 川越の駐車場なら、小江戸第二時間貸駐車場(13台)が15分100円と課金単位時間が細かいので安くなります。 また、川越の駐車場サインは街の雰囲気に合わしたデザインや文字を使ってていいですね! #川越 #川越散策 #川越氷川神社 #川越祭り #川越小江戸 #小江戸 #小江戸川越 #観光 #ドライブ #喜多院 #神社 #御朱印 #ランチ #大正ロマン #大正浪漫 #駐車場 #駐車場の神様 #コインパーキング #おでかけ #パーキング #ドライブデート #食べ歩き #ソフトクリーム #観光スポット #観光地

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    If you want to take a glimpse of what Edo Period looked like, then head over to Kawagoe City in Saitama Prefecture. This rustic town can be reached in half an hour from Tokyo.
    One of its preserved architectural structures is the old clay-walled warehouses called Kurazukuri, which are standing side by side along the main street. Other points of interest are the Bell of Time or Toki no Kane, which was built hundreds of years ago and is considered the symbol of Kawagoe, Candy Alley, and Kitain Temple.


    2.Yokohama (横浜)

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    Hard to imagine a better day for a stroll! 🌸 Photo: @fuya_41 #myyokohama

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    Yokohama in Kanagawa Prefecture is considered to be the second most populated city with a population of almost 4 million. Located just south of Tokyo, this city is known for its largest Chinatown in Japan, as well as Minato Mirai, which is a shopping and amusement area. Other popular destinations in Yokohama are the beautiful Japanese-style Sankeien Garden, Cup Noodles Museum, Shin Yokohama Ramen Museum, and Kirin Beer Factory.


    Kanagawa Prefecture’s Kamakura is rich in temples, shrines, and other ancient structures. The most visited structure in the area is the Great Buddha of Kamakura. Located in Kotokuin Temple, this bronze statue is one of the tallest Buddha statues in Japan, along with the Big Buddha in Nara.


    4.Enoshima (江の島)

    Another popular destination in Kanagawa Prefecture is Enoshima, which is an island connected by a bridge to the mainland. It is a favorite summer get-away because of the beaches and a good view of the Mt. Fuji. Enjoy other tourist spots found on this island such as the Iwaya Caves, Enoshima Island Spa, and Enoshima Aquarium.


    Hakone, also in Kanagawa Prefecture, is a great destination for those who would want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo. It is famous for its abundant natural hot springs and the great view of Mt. Fuji.
    There are so many things to do in Hakone and one of those is to admire the picturesque red torii gate of Hakone Shrine, which is located at the shore of Lake Ashinoko. Other interesting attractions are the black eggs of Owakudani, which are ordinary chicken eggs whose shells are turned black due to the sulfur reaction in the volcano, the Hakone Ropeway that let you see the amazing views of Mt. Fuji and steaming hot springs from below, and various art museums.

    6.Mt. Fuji and Lake Kawaguchiko(富士山と河口湖)

    Mt. Fuji is almost always synonymous with Japan. It is Japan’s highest mountain that lies in the boundary of Yamanashi Prefecture and Shizuoka Prefecture. A UNESCO World Heritage site, this mountain is considered a sacred place with its perfect cone shape. It is also a favorite among hikers with the official climbing season starts early in July and ends in mid-September.
    Yamanashi Prefecture’s Lake Kawaguchiko is one of the Fuji Five Lakes or Fujigoko that is situated at the foot of Mt. Fuji. It offers numerous relaxing hot springs and great views of Mt. Fuji on clear days. Apart from its stunning nature, other attractions found in the area are the art and gem museums, greenhouse and herb garden, and the record-breaking amusement park the Fuji-Q Highlands.


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    【#日光東照宮 】⑤ 陽明門 一目見た瞬間に「わぁ~」とため息が出る程の豪華で美しい門 いつまで見ていても見飽きない事から「日暮の門」の別名があります 本当にずっと見ていたい、もう一度見に行きたいと感じさせる素晴らしさでした😄 Yomeimon Gate at Nikko Tosho-gu Shrine. That gate is the most extravagantly decorated in Japan. There are 508 carvings on the Gate, including dragons, flying horses and other mythical beasts in the upper reaches of the building, with carvings of people on the lower levels. Those are gorgeous and very beautiful. #shrine #gate #temple #templo #参拝 #神社 #神社巡り #寺 #御朱印 #御朱印巡り #일본여행 #visitjapan #retrip_nippon #loves_nippon #日本の風景 #キタムラ写真投稿 #観光 #ファインダー越しの私の世界 #cooljapan #traveljapan #japantravel #viewoftheday #visitjapanjp #wonderfulview #wonderfulplace #perfectview #日光 #栃木 #栃木県

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    Tochigi Prefecture’s Nikko is home to UNESCO World Heritage shrines and temples. The Toshogu Shrine, which is the most distinguished Shinto shrine in this town, is a favorite by many with its intricate and elaborate architectural design.
    Nikko is also famous for its hot springs and breathtaking scenery especially during the peak of autumn foliage. Explore other places that are worth visiting such as the Kegon Waterfall, Kanmangafuchi Abyss, and Lake Chuzenji.

    8.Matsumoto Castle (松本城)

    Nagano Prefecture’s Matsumoto Castle, also known as the Crow Castle, is regarded as one of the most beautiful castles, thanks to its intimidating black and white exteriors. One of the original castles in Japan, this national treasure was built on a plain surrounded by a huge moat. The castle interiors were also designed in providing a strong defense against the enemies with steep stairs and narrow windows.


    So if you’re planning your next trip to Japan, then you might want to consider these places either as a day trip from Tokyo or an overnight stay. Surely, there are a lot of amazing places near Tokyo that are worth a visit!

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