Have a Glimpse of Hakodate Bay’s Day and Night Panorama by hopping on Board the “Blue Moon”

  • If you head to the northern area of Japan, you will find that “Hakodate” is one of the main cities in Hokkaido. It is also considered one of the first harbor cities in the country that opened its doors to international trade. No wonder you can find many ships in the area. Some of these are cruise ships which present a whole new side of touring the city. At this time of the year, the ever-popular sightseeing cruise called “Blue Moon” is once again operating and waiting for everyone to board. Every year, it naturally creates a stage for passengers to enjoy Hakodate Bay in all its historic and beautiful aspects.

    Hakodate Bay

    Hakodate is a beautiful area that is packed with historic things and sights. A famous part of the city is the bay area called “Hakodate Bay,” which became an economic hub for commerce and trading in 1860. This opportunity made the city a multicultural one with many influences from overseas. Today, the bay offers an expansive vista of the harbor. Many travelers visit the place due to its historical buildings, souvenir shops, restaurants and vibrant cafes. People come to the place to shop or take a tea break. There are so many stores selling different kinds of knickknacks and accessories. Some people stroll to feel the refreshing sea breeze among the historical red-brick buildings. Traveling to Hakodate Bay becomes a pleasurable experience for many.

    Hakodate Bay Cruise

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    Besides enjoying the bay’s popular spots, you should also try riding a mini cruise on a pleasure boat called “Blue Moon.” This is a catamaran-style ship consisting of a divided bottom in order to prevent shaking. It allows passengers to experience an elegant way of cruising the city’s bay area. There is a daytime cruise (30 minutes) and a night time cruise (60 minutes). The day time cruise is just within the Hakodate Port while the night time cruise is a round trip course between Hakodate and Samukawa. Day time cruise costs 1,800 yen for adults and 900 yen for kids while the night time cruise costs 2,800 yen for adults and 1,400 yen for kids. The boat can accommodate more than 200 people. Group discounts are be available for groups of more than 15 people on board for every cruise. Memorable parties and shipboard wedding plans are available upon request. Partly plan costs 8,500 yen which is inclusive of the transportation cost and the labor fee. Cuisines are prepared in buffet style prepared by chefs from Hotel Hakodate Royal, a hotel that houses Japanese, Chinese and American restaurants. Blue Moon starts its cruise operation at the end of April up to the beginning of December.

    Additional Information

    If you’re planning to join the cruise, take note of the following information:

    • No bringing of food and drinks from outside.
    • It is not allowed to give food to seagulls as it adversely affects the environment.
    • Parents with small children should consider monitoring their children’s behavior inside the boat.
    • If weather or ocean conditions are bad, sailing will be cancelled.

    If you still have no plans this coming summer season in Japan, why don’t you jump on board the Blue Moon. This is a unique way to enjoy both day and night panorama of Hakodate Bay. If you’re lucky enough, you might be able to meet the dolphins! So, go ahead and make your reservation now!

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