Changes Happening to Tokyo Prior to the 2020 Olympics

  • With the upcoming 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan has been undergoing many changes in preparation for the games. These changes won’t happen overnight, but as the world comes to Japan in 2020, visitors may find themselves seeing a rapidly changing Tokyo. We should expect Japan to flaunt its sophisticated infrastructure, accommodations, technology, and entertainment to woo visitors and business. With this in mind, what changes should one expect to find?

    Competition-Specific Venues

    One of the main sources of innovation during the games will come from the actual Olympic venues, and the list of venues is already extensive and impressive. Tokyo is going to present the games in two “zones” that intersect on the northwest end of Tokyo Bay, where the Olympic Village will be located. With how densely constructed Tokyo is already, spreading Olympic activities across the city would allow visitors to get a wonderful grasp of the Tokyo area over the course of the games.

    A Whole New Skyline

    The most thrilling aspect of the Olympic preparation in Japan is what it might do to the already incredible Tokyo skyline. According to news reports from 2017 as many as 45 new skyscrapers might be finished in time for the Olympic games. Even with a conservative estimate of only 10 to 15 buildings being fully finished in time, that’s still a large impact on the city landscape. For reference, regular growth of the Tokyo area would have a 50% greater rate of high-rise constructions from 2017-2020 compared to the same period from 2014-2017. Needless to say, the new buildings are being designed with clean aesthetics in mind, so that when finished they’ll add to Tokyo’s reputation as a beautiful world city.

    Some of the buildings that have already opened include Shibuya Scramble Square, which at 230 meters, has become the tallest building in Shibuya.

    The Okura Tokyo has also been reborn, leaving its chic facade behind in favor of a sleek and modern structure that hopes to attract visitors during and after the Olympics thanks to the hotel’s high standards, luxury amenities, restaurants, and beautifully appointed rooms.

    The Olympic and Paralympic Village

    While it’s somewhat exclusive, the Olympic Village is always one of the most exciting things about the games. The Olympic Village in Tokyo will be at the northwestern edge of the bay, and specifically at the Harumi 5-Chrome neighborhood. Construction is expected to take up over 13 hectares of space, resulting in cutting-edge condo complexes that will be used by the athletes and then sold following the games. There will be 21 buildings in total, complete with residences and shopping areas, and the tallest of them will have nearly 20 floors. For that reason, the areas is going to be a flashy and beautiful aspect of the Olympics, and if all goes well, a vibrant, upscale neighborhood afterwards.

    Self-Driving Vehicles

    If everything goes according to plan, it’s likely that by 2025 self-driving cars will be operational and supported around the Tokyo area. That’s why Japan will have a 7-day trial period in July where up to 100 self-driving cars will drive around Tokyo. During the Olympics, Toyota robot vehicle will also run in a loop inside the Olympic and Paralympic Village to transport athletes and staff.

    *Featured Image by annalena.krl (Anna-Lena Krl) on Instagram