Potential Attractions For The 2020 Olympics

  • With the 2020 Olympics set to be hosted by Tokyo, Japan will be undergoing a lot of changes in the next few years. It won`t necessary feel too sudden for the locals, but as Tokyo and the whole country are preparing to host the world, the Olympics will probably be the impulse for the changes to come. As a result, we should expect Japan to flaunt its sophistication in infrastructure, accommodation, technology, and entertainment. And the following are some of the possible attractions we just might see by 2020.

    Competition-Specific Venues

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    Clearly, the main construction and innovation will come regarding the actual venues for Olympic competition, and the list of venues is already extensive and impressive. Tokyo is going to present the games in two “zones” that intersect on the northwest end of the Tokyo Bay, where the Olympic Village will be set up. It seems like a good idea to have both a hub of the Olympic activity and a nice surface of stadiums and center events, so it should enable visitors to get a wonderful grasp of the Tokyo area and everything new it will have to offer.

    A Whole New Skyline

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    The most thrilling aspect of the Olympic preparation in Japan is what it might do to the already incredible Tokyo skyline. According to news reports from 2017 as many as 45 new skyscrapers might be finished in time for the Olympic games. Most probably, there are some a bit skeptical of this huge number, but regardless of that, even 10 or 15 would unmistakably have a great impact. For reference, regular growth of the Tokyo area, would make for a 50 percent increase in high-rise production in the period between 2017 and 2020 compared to the period from 2014-2017. And needless to say, the new buildings are being built with aesthetic appeal in mind, such that when all is said and done, Tokyo could be almost uniquely striking as a major world city by the time the opening ceremonies kick off.

    The Olympic Village

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    While it’s somewhat exclusive, the Olympic Village is always one of the most exciting things about the games. As mentioned, the Olympic Village in Tokyo will be at the northwestern edge of the bay, and specifically at the Harumi 5-Chrome neighborhood. Construction is expected to take up over 13 hectares of space, resulting in cutting-edge condo complexes that will be used by the athletes and then sold following the games. There will be 21 buildings in total, complete with residences and shopping areas alike, and the tallest of them will reach nearly 20 floors. All in all it’s going to be a flashy and beautiful aspect of the Olympics and if all goes well, a vibrant, upscale neighborhood by the water thereafter.

    Casino Resorts

    This is an outlier possibility that doesn’t directly involve the games but would undoubtedly impact the tourism scene. Japan has recently legalized casino gambling, and already resorts are being eyed potentially in Tokyo, Wakayama, Nagasaki, and Osaka. It’s simply a matter of whether they could be set up in time. Once built, new casinos will also have to entice players in a culture that isn’t used to gambling, though there are models for this. Internet betting and gaming sites provide selections of free options that can introduce people to gambling, and matched initial deposits can also put people at ease with real money gaming. Possibilities like these combined with beautiful and exciting venues could get people gaming in a hurry though, which makes potential casino resorts something of a 2020 wildcard.

    Driverless Vehicles

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    This is more closely related to infrastructure and transportation than construction clearly, but suffice it to say by 2020 there’s an expectation that driverless cars will be operational in and around Tokyo. It’s difficult to predict the scale of this change with any accuracy, but clearly there is potential for it to completely alter the environment for visitors, and it could make getting around both more efficient and more enjoyable for a crowd from all around the world.

    The Olympics are right around the corner, so if you`re planning a trip to Japan, start adding places and things to do on your bucket list and get ready for more surprises, better buildings, a glowing country and more improvement in various areas as Japan continues to upgrade itself.