Daiso 300 yen opened ! New businesses and Japanese famous brands

  • Japanese brands always keep bringing us surprises, not only introducing new and interesting products, but also joining forces with other companies. Recently, many famous Japanese brands did some new changes, such as opening new types of stores or launching new product lines.
    Let’s check them now!

    1. THREEPPY- a 300 yen DAISO

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    🌼アニマルフラワーシリーズ🌼 華やかなフラワープリントがポイント♡ ポップなカラーがお弁当時間をさらに楽しくしてくれそう♪ 食べ終わったらコンパクトにまとめられるので荷物も減らせて便利★ . アニマルフラワー ♡スクエアボックス 3点セット ♡保冷剤 2P 各¥300+tax . #スリーピー#THREEPPY#300andHappy#ランチ#ランチグッズ#シロクマ#ハリネズミ#花柄#300#300円#新商品 . ※店舗によって品揃えが異なり在庫がない場合がございます

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    Even if you haven`t visited Japan yet, I`m sure you are accustomed with the famous Japanese brand of 100 yen shops, DAISO.
    If you`ve been here before, you must have seen their shops somewhere on the streets. In March 2018, DAISO opened their first 300 yen store in Zama city of Kanagawa Prefecture called “THREEPPY”! It offers a wide range of daily necessities and accessories, also the design and quality of the goods are slightly higher than DAISO.

    THREEPPY’s products are mostly cute and girly. You can find a lot of products with pink color or animal illustrations. For example, the lunch box set on the picture above. They also offer other products such as wooden cutlery, picnic sets and other photos. All products are just 300 yen with tax, the price is really reasonable. Now, THREEPPY has 11 stores around Japan and it is believed that it will be quickly developed like DAISO!

    THREEPPY Website *Japanese only

    How about other famous brands?

    2. Sushiro Konomi: The new sushi shop without conveyor belt from Sushiro

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    遂に スシローは 回らなくなった。 #大山大好き#毎日探す#食べ歩く#飲み歩く#横浜駅#クイーンズ伊勢丹横浜#なんか今日#オープン#見学してたら#発見#スシローコノミ#初めての店舗#っぽい#関西人は#スシローは#少し思い入れもあるし#どこ行くねん#スシロースシロー#一回は行く

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    Sushiro(スシロー) is a popular chain restaurant in Japan that offers conveyor belt sushi around 100 yen per dish. On March 20, 2018, Sushiro opened a branch named “Sushiro Konomi” (スシローコノミ) in Yokohama, where sushi is also available at the same price but it is not in the form of conveyor belt.

    There are 2 ways to order sushi in Sushiro Konomi. The first one is to select from the set menu (Japanese only). There are total 5 sets you can choose, the price and sushi options are all fixed. The other one is to select from the Konomi menu (Japanese only)to make your own sushi set. First, determine how many pieces of sushi you want (6, 8, 10, 12), then choose the ingredient on the order paper, and then pass it to the staff.

    In Japan, if you are not going to the conveyor belt sushi restaurant, normal sushi restaurants usually only provide sushi sets. The new order system of Sushiro Konomi allows customers to determine their sushi set freely with the price of 60-200 yen per each option. It is much cheaper than other sushi restaurants in Japan. If you want to experience this new form of cheap sushi, try it in Yokohama!

    Sushiro Konomi Website *Japanese only

    3. The combination of ASOKO and 3COINS – ASOKO+3COINS

    If you like buying cheap groceries in Japan, Good News! ASOKO is a low-priced groceries brand from Kansai and their shops are mostly located there. They only have one branch in Tokyo, Harajuku , so during holidays, be prepared to see long lines. On March 23, 2018, ASOKO finally opened another new branch in Kanto area, which is a combined shop with the 300 yen store “3 COINS”, named simply “ASOKO+3 COINS”!

    You can find products of both ASOKO and 3COINS in this new store in Maihama, Chiba. It also offers limited-edition shopping bags that has logos of two brands. In fact, ASOKO has joined the 3COINS Group in 2016. 3COINS has hundreds of stores in Japan, so we can expect the ASOKO’s stores to be soon expanded as the format of ASOKO+3COINS; so we`ll be able to get good quality, but less expensive products much more easier!

    ASOKO+3COINS Website *Japanese only

    4. New 99 yen product line of Don Quijote – Re:like!

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    保存や仕分けに欠かせないフリーザーバッグはSとLの2サイズ展開。 小物の整理や、友だちとのプレゼント交換にも使えます✨ "写真映え"パーティシリーズは全国のドン・キホーテ(一部店舗を除く)で発売中です! Photo:@in_high_spirits_inc #pink #ホムパ #フォトジェニック #かわいい #女子会 #おしゃピク #party #ガールズクリエイター #リライク #ドンキ #ドンキホーテ

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    Don Quijote (ドン・キホーテ) is a large discount store that offers a wide variety of products from food and daily necessities to clothes and electronic goods. It is famous for the low price of products. “Re:like!” is the latest product line Don Quijote introduced. It includes a lot of cute kitchen goods and disposable cutlery worthy of Instagram pictures and also suitable for hanami(flower viewing) or picnic!

    The design of pink and black color is so adorable and the price is just 99 yen! (Yes, it’s 1 yen less than 100 yen shop!) They can be found in all the branches of Don Quijote. Don’t miss this latest product line when shopping there!

    Re:like Website *Japanese only
    Access (There are many branches, but we will introduce one of them here.)

    After checking these latest business developments of these Japanese brands, how about some sushi or shopping in this gorgeous country ? I am sure that the country will continue developing, so let’s look forward to more new stores in Japan!