Dotonbori sweet treats to tantalize your tastebuds!

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  • I’m sure you’ve all heard about Dotonbori (道頓堀) – the must-visit food and shopping district in Osaka (大阪). If not, don’t let the bright lights, masses of people and endless stores and eateries overwhelm you! This is a great place to explore, where you can spend the day shopping and eating, then go back the next day for more.

    When you’re on your feet all day, it’s good to take a bit of a breather and have a snack to refresh and re-energize for some more exploring. In Dotonbori, there are SO many options for food that choosing what to eat and where can feel like a task in itself. If you’re wanting to try something other than your usual must-eats for Osaka – takoyaki たこ焼き (octopus balls), kushikatsu 串カツ (deep-fried skewers) or okonomiyaki お好み焼き(Japanese savoury pancake) – keep an eye out for these three sweet snacks while you’re out and about!

    1. Taiyaki たい焼き


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    Imagine walking the Dotonbori streets late at night with a cool breeze in the air. Now imagine eating a freshly made taiyaki (fish-shaped cake), filled with sweet red bean paste (azuki アズキ) – you split the little dessert fish into two and steam puffs out into the night air. This is exactly what we had.

    They are cheap (around ¥160 at most places) and also come in other flavours, like chocolate and custard. Yum!

    2. Lord Stow’s

    egg tart

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    I’ve only ever had these in Hong Kong, so imagine my delight when I saw this place in Dotonbori!

    These Portuguese egg tarts are amazing, melt-in-your-mouth treats, and when fresh, can warm your belly on a cold night. The puff pastry was simple, but had a nice crunch and flakiness to it. And the egg tart itself was delicious. Too delicious to share!

    You can get these for around ¥250 a piece, but they also sell them in small packs.
    Egg Tart Website

    3. Melon Pan メロンパン


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    In Dotonbori, there’s a little eating area surrounded by different food trucks. They served things like ramen ラーメン, yakisoba 焼きそば and yakiniku 焼き肉, but the highlight for me there was the fresh melon pan (melon bread). You had the option to turn it into an ice-cream sandwich served with sauce (for example, chocolate sauce) or you could get it plain.

    The plain one was ¥200 each, then more depending on what ice-cream combo you got.

    Now these are only a few of the other things available to try in Dotonbori, but they are definitely worth the wait! As mentioned before, the food there is cheap and there’s a lot of options – one day won’t be enough if you’re there for a food trip. Be sure to make a note of places you may have missed out on the first time ’round so that you can go back another day! Oh, and go hungry but snack lightly so you can try more things while you’re there :)