Have you Heard of Japanese Singer JUJU Who is Finally Going International?

  • JUJU’s new summer-tune “PLAYBACK” Music Video stars Japan’s top instagrammer GENKING, top fashion models and more. A must to check out for all the fashionable girls! “28 ways” to make your summer memories unforgettable with the hottest Japanese resort fashions and marine items.

    JUJU is known for her tie-in song for the movie “Yomei Ikkagetsu no Hanayome (The bride’s life expectancy is one month)”, the singer takes pride in her overwhelming support from girls, “PLAYBACK” is another up-tune number following her previous smash-hit “Hot Stuff”, a TV commercial starring Kiko Mizuhara for Shiseido MAQuillAGE.

    In the Music Video, the “28 ways” explains how to keep your memories unforgettable through the hashtags, under the title “Sparking joy of hashtags. The perfect way to shoot the ‘Memories’.” Starring the top Japanese instagrammer GENKING, and fashion models Aya Suzuki, Kaede Smith, Saya Kagawa, and Kelly Ann, the various summer sceneries are posted with the hashtags #PLAYBACK、#WET、#DANINCG、#♡、#JUMP.

    “GENKING’s comment”

    Hi, GENKING here. I got to appear in the music video of JUJU’s latest single “PLAYBACK”! It’s my first music video appearance! For this music video, I’ve got to say that the styling of clothes, accessories, hair and make-ups, and even the productions were so much fun! Within the music video, all of my GENKING style “ideas on how to shoot the cutest unforgettable summer memories” are included. The jewelries are my own, the marine style that I’m looking into this year is in the video as well. The best part is me floating on the pink flamingo. My friend Aya and my good make-up buddy JunJun appear in it too. It was such an exciting video shooting! ♥ If you don’t watch it I’ll tell you a big “Ya-yo”(No-no) ♥.

    To find out more about “PLAYBACK” or Juju herself, personal photos and information can be found on JUJU’s official instagram account. It will definitely be a bible for all the fashionable girls!

    <Radio highlights>
    “PLAYBACK” has also been #1 among USEN’s(national radio chart) J-POP request rankings. Fans’ emails such as “Who’s singing?”, “Awesome song! Who is it?”, have been sent to radios that play this song which promises it to be a smash-hit!

    <TV highlights>

    • TV Tokyo “TV Tokyo Ongakusai 2 ” June 24 On-air
    • TV Asahi “Music Station Special” June 26 On-air
    • NTV “”Buzz Rhythm” June 26 On-air
    • NHK “SWITCH Interview Tatsujin tachi ” June 27 On-air
    • And more…!


    *This Music Video is available worldwide.

    <Release information>
    JUJU 29th Single 「PLAYBACK」
    June 8, 2015 Release

    ◆First Limited Edition (CD+DVD)
    AICL-2888-2889 2,000 yen (Tax in)
    ◆Standard Edition (CD)
    AICL-2890 1,258 yen (Tax in)


    2. Eternally
    3. Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You <COVER>
    4. PLAYBACK -Instrumental-

    [DVD] *First Limited Edition only
    JUJU 10th Anniversary Act#01 HALL TOUR 2014 ~DOOR~
    at Tokyo International Forum Hall A -Digest-

    1. Tadaima
    2. Mamotteagetai
    3. sign
    4. Heart Beat
    5. Yasashisa de afureru youni

    -10th Anniversary Act #06-
    “JUJU ARENA TOUR 2015 –JUJU-en 10th Anniversary Special-”
    9 Shows in 6 cities, including 2 shows at Tokyo Yoyogi National Gymnasium.

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    Twitter (STAFF) / Twitter (JUJU)
    LINE ID: @juju

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