“Akuma no Onigiri” hits Japan. In tune with the season, Lawson brings you a new flavour, the Taste of the Devil!

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  • LAWSON is one of the biggest convenience stores here in Japan.

    It has a wide range of products like food, beverages and other goods. It even has its own brand and a delicious luxurious coffee, a smoothly blended coffee with good fragrance called “the Machi Cafe”, available in the store. You’ve probably heard of the famous and tasty おにぎりOnigiri (Japanese Rice ball) from LAWSON, which has developed through time and improved new flavours and ingredients continuously.

    Now, here`s our news for you:

    The newest onigiri is now in stores !

    Akuma no Onigiri can be translated as “The Devil’s Onigiri” and it already hit the record by selling about 3 million pieces within two weeks after its release on October 16th, 2018! Pretty cool, right?
    It is also considered to have won over the old champion, “Chicken Mayonnaise” that used to be the number one selling onigiri in LAWSON! If this isn`t the real power of a devil taste, then I don`t know what it is !

    Let’s see how special the Devil`s Onigiri is and why

    Akuma no Onigiri (悪魔のおにぎ)

    LAWSON has launched a variety of unique products and tastes that have brought some local identity in Japan; an example would be Niigata Koshihikari Onigiri, a rice ball that has as ingredients high quality rice from Niigata Prefecture, one of the best in Japan in combination with pork from the Kagoshima Prefecture.
    This time, for the new product, The Devil`s Onigiri, of course, we expect the ingredients to be as special and unique as its name. Even though the name is eccentric and sounds a bit scary, rest assured! The ingredients mix might be one of a kind, but I guarantee it`s not a scary one!

    First, let`s have a look at the process of making it…

    Ingredients and package

    For making the Akuma no Onigiri, rice is cooked together with white出汁 dashi soup(dashi is a cooking stock used in Japanese cuisine) and mixed with 天かすtenkasu (crispy tempura flour), アオノリaonori(green laver), and tempura dipping sauce.
    This menu was in fact inspired by Tanuki Musubi (たぬきむすび), Shizuoka prefecture’s original onigiri.

    Apart from the special ingredients used to make it, the packaging probably will catch your eye as is standing out because of its outstanding black color. There’s a message printed on the package that I believe is quite interesting ; written in Japanese, its says: “悪魔的なうまさ (Akuma-tekina uma-sa)” means super evil delicious, やみつき注意!(Yamitsuki chūi) means Be careful, it`s addictive. It also has a cute decoration with a Tanuki(raccoon) Character saying あくまでタヌキくん Akumade tanukikun, (あくま (悪魔/akuma is the Japanese word for devil). I believe that introducing a character to a product is clever marketing and a good strategy to attract customers.


    If you go to LAWSON, do not forget to stop by and grab one of the bestselling Japanese Rice Balls! It`s not pricey either as you can get it for only 110 yen (tax included).
    You`ll get addicted to the evil taste of the Lawson Onigiri.
    Just have a taste of the flavour inspired by Shizuoka Prefecture`s original menu and you`ll sew what i`m talking about!

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