Are you a marine life enthusiast? You are going to love this marine haven in Chiba!

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  • Anyone who has traveled within or lives in Japan will undoubtedly agree upon the fact that the Land of the Rising Sun excels when it comes to opportunities for animal encounters all throughout the country. From the widely popular cat cafes, where customers can enjoy a cup of coffee or a good book while holding a fluffy friend in their lap and enjoying the warmth of its company to generous open-air establishments where animals feel at home and are free to roam and mingle with visitors, Japan itself is a true haven for any animal lover.

    One splendid place, that is both entertaining and educative and makes for a lovely day trip is Kamogawa Seaworld, a phenomenal marine park that is home to over 11,000 sea and river creatures belonging to 800 species.

    How to get there?

    鴨川シーワールド Kamogawa Seaworld is located in Kamogawa City in Chiba on the Pacific Ocean’s coast and can be reached by bus or train in approximately two hours from either Tokyo station or Chiba station. In case one chooses to use the bus, regardless of the starting point, two affordable package deals are available, namely the GOGO ticket (for departures from Tokyo station) and the Kapibaya 7 (for departures from Chiba station). Both deals include the round trip bus ticket and the admission fare to the Seaworld. Tickets can be purchased at Keisei Highway Bus Lounge across from the Yaesu Exit of Tokyo Station or at Chiba Chuo Bus Information Center at JR Chiba Station.

    What to expect?

    Phenomenal shows, singing dolphins, flying trainers and loads of fun, in a nutshell!
    A visit to Kamogawa Seaworld is an experience to remember for the rest of one’s life. The park shelters gorgeous marine creatures in settings which recreate their natural habitats and is guaranteed to leave its guests in awe as their live performances are one of a kind. Several times per day, outstanding shows by killer whales, dolphins, sea lions and belugas are put in place and each one of them is flawlessly executed and uniquely delightful.
    Dolphins’ intelligence is no news, their singing talent might be however. Their show is comical and laughter-provoking, while the orcas’ spectacle is breathtaking. The work of those fearless trainers is impressive and so is the level of trust between them and the animals.
    Looking for a special souvenir and some hands-on interaction with the stars? You’ll be happy to find out that post-performance activities are available for an extra charge. And who wouldn’t be thrilled to pet a dolphin or take an epic photo with a smiling sea lion?

    How to plan the best trip?

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    〈鴨川シーワールドで鴨川市成人式を開催〉 本日、千葉県鴨川市の成人式とシャチの「ラビー」の成人証書授与式が行われました。 鴨川シーワールドにおける鴨川市の成人式の開催は、今回で15回目となりました。成人式は午前9時20分からアシカパフォーマンスが行われているロッキースタジアムで開催され、今年は245名もの新成人が出席しました。式は滞りなく進み、鴨川シーワールドからは、「笑うアシカ」として人気の「カンジ」(オス:17歳)による祝福の笑顔が、新成人へのプレゼントとして贈られました。また、式の終了後には、新成人たちが今日の思い出にと、晴れ着姿で「カンジ」と一緒に笑顔で記念撮影を行いました。 さらに今年は、日本で初めて飼育下で繁殖したシャチの「ラビー」が20歳を迎えるにあたり、成人式式典終了後に鴨川市の亀田郁夫市長より、オーシャンスタジアムで成人証書が授与され、鴨川市の新成人を代表して安田圭佑さんからシャチの「ラビー」へお祝いのメッセージが送られました。その後、シャチの「ラビー」と鴨川市の新成人による記念撮影が行われました。シャチと一緒に新しい門出を迎えた新成人の笑顔はとても晴れやかでした。 @kamogawaseaworld #鴨川シーワールド #kamosea #成人式 #鴨川市 #シャチ #ラビー

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    Given the high number of activities, arriving as soon as the Sea world opens its door is perhaps the best idea. The opening hours normally start from 9 am, however closing time varies by day, so it is advisable to check the official website for the daily schedule. A well organized daily program is fixed and up for grabs at the entrance. It includes the animals’ performances, feeding and pelican parade times and sticking to it will ensure guests cover the whole park and keep them busy for the entire day. The establishment’s area is modest in size and navigation is facile. The four main stadiums which host the live performances are located just a stone’s throw away from each other which makes shifting between shows an easy task and performances normally take place every 30 minutes. When packing for the day, consider bringing a raincoat for the killer whale show. Those mammals might be massive, but are able to jump really high and with every jump, a more than generous wave of water leaves the stadium’s front row occupants soaked.
    There is no need to pack any snacks as food stalls are spread all over the park plus there is a food court serving hot meals for a proper lunch.
    This superb maritime park is just one more proof that Japan is king when it comes to bringing together humans and animals for a fun and learning experience in a destination which celebrates the beauty and diversity of the aquatic life while providing activities which are attractive and enjoyable for children and adults alike.

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