Mindblown! 6 Clear Beverages You Can Buy in Japan

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  • Japan always knows how to combine cool and crazy. You can find endless things in the country that can astound you. You can go back and forth country many times, and it will continue to shock you every single time. Moreover, Japan is known for weird but wonderful trends. Recently, there is a growing trend when it comes to clear beverages. Yes, you heard that right! These are clear drinks that look like plain, old water but tastes nothing like it.

    When I’m in Japan, I love going to the grocery stores and the endless choices of convenience stores that are located on almost every block. I have tried a few clear beverages several months ago and they blew my mind. Every sip got my mind confused. My brain kept saying that this should be water but how come it tastes like lemon tea or royal milk tea? This pushed me to continue my quest to try as many clear beverages as possible.

    I was able to buy 6 different clear beverages and here’s what I thought about each of them.

    1. Starbucks Sparkling Peach Splash

    Call me a cliche but I’m a big fan of Starbucks. I love their coffee and I love the different amazing stores they have in Japan. I’m a frequent visitor to their tatami-style store along the old Ninenzaka street when I’m in Kyoto. So, when I heard that they are releasing a clear drink, I immediately researched where I can get one.

    I got this from a 7-11. It costs 130 yen per bottle. It is only available in 7-11 and you cannot buy it from any Starbucks store. It is a carbonated drink with a hint of peach. It says that it comes with green coffee extract but I wasn’t able to taste that. Maybe, the coffee flavor was just too subtle.

    2. Coca-Cola Clear

    This sounds too impossible for me! It is soda but has no color and no calories. This drink immediately shocked me to my very core. It continued to astound me once I got a sip of it.

    It tasted like Coke Zero or Coke Light but still reduce the sweetness to like zero. I don’t know, drinking it felt like my tongue is playing games with my mind. Is it really not sweet? But it kind’a felt sweet? But how is that possible because it has zero calories? Oh well, better drink it to see for yourself.

    Coke Clear costs 98 yen and this was just recently released so it might be high time to give it a try. Check it out from your nearby grocery store or convenience store.

    3. Suntory Premium Morning Tea Royal Milk Tea

    I’m also a big tea drinker, which is another reason why I love Japan. I even stayed in a green tea farm in Nagasaki before just to get fully immersed into the tea culture. If I remember correctly, the Suntory Premium Morning Milk Tea is one of the first clear drinks to be released on the market. The Royal Milk Tea flavor is as mind-boggling as it can get. When I first tried it from way back, my brain and tongue were in disagreement. At first, I never thought it could really taste like milk tea, but it did! This beverage should have at least been light brown in color. How is this possible?!

    Every sip tastes like that bubble milk tea that was a craze in Taiwan and still is. It has a flowery scent similar to chamomile. It has that aftertaste too, which made it even weirder for me but in a good way.

    I got this for 88 yen a bottle at a nearby grocery.

    4. Suntory Premium Morning Tea Peach

    When I bought this, I was looking for the lemon flavor but it seems like it’s no longer available. I tried looking in many grocery stores and convenience stores but to no avail. However, this wasn’t bad after all.

    This beverage has a peach taste to it with a light sweetness. I liked that the peach scent instantly takes you away when you open the bottle. I didn’t taste any tea flavor.

    I got this for 88 yen a bottle at a nearby grocery.

    5. Ilohas Peach

    Among all these clear beverages, I think this one was really water. But it isn’t just your regular water, it is flavored water.

    For 88 yen per bottle, this special kind of water tastes like peach. It even has a stronger peach taste than the Suntory Premium Milk Tea Peach. It is also a tad sweeter.

    6. Asahi Clear Latte

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    #Asahi is joining the clear flavoured drink wagon band and produce this #ClearLatte. While the usual coffee latte would have a light brown color, this one is clear as day so Clear is the right description, but what about latte? Well that one is a little hard to explain, it tasted like a watered-down caramel pudding, that’s been left on the table for a few days.. I’m not joking about the caramel pudding that has a bit of a sour taste to it. For me, I would take the regular coffee late anytime. But if you are curious, you can find them at Don Quijote only for now, because for some reason they pulled out the stock from any other convenience store in my area. ••• Asahi Clear Latte ¥120 ••• 📌Don Quijote, Shinjuku Japan, 〒169-0072 Tōkyō-to, Shinjuku-ku, Ōkubo, 1 Chome−12−6 . . . . . #EatsssYummyJapan #asahiclearlatte #latte #クリアラテ #アサヒ #clearcoffee #coffee #clearespressoandmilk #clear #hype #onlyinjapan #japan #discoverjapan #visitjapan #visitjapanjp #traveljapan #japantravel #instagramjapan #japanlife #explorejapan #japantrip #unknownjapan #ilovejapan #foodies #f52grams #feedfeed #buzzfeast #donquijote

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    Among the clear beverages that I got, this one is the cheapest. It costs 58 yen a pop so you could say it is a cheap option when you’re craving for coffee.

    Like the other drinks, this one is weird especially since my mind is looking for something not transparent in color. It tasted like coffee but it misses that creaminess that we all like about latte.

    Final Word

    All these clear beverages are just mind-blowing. Drinking them somewhat confuses everything in me because I was expecting them to taste like water but none of them did. They taste as what they were labeled.

    Have you tried any of these drinks? What do you think of these clear beverages?