‘Japan’s Ferris Wheel of Fortune’ is one Nostalgic Rooftop Ride in Tokyo

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  • In the past, department stores in Japan were a common family place for people to hang out. Despite being a common ground for shopping, it was also a venue for amusement parks which were located on the rooftop. The most popular ride of all was the Ferris wheel which provided a majestic view of the whole city. Due to modern trends, this setup didn’t last that long. As of now, there is only one rooftop Ferris wheel left in the city and it is located on top of Tokyu Plaza Kamata.

    Ferris Wheels in Japan

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    Ferris wheels have long been a traditional attraction for amusement parks not only in Japan but around the world. Many people are drawn to these enclosed capsules. It gives every rider a whole new view while it is turning. It also gives families a whole view of the entire park so they can already choose their next destination. In order to draw more people, rooftop Ferris wheels became a trend in Japanese department stores. It gave people another purpose for visiting the mall and another way of bonding with family.

    Tokyu Plaza Kamata: the Rooftop `Ferris Wheel of Fortune`”

    A candy-colored Ferris wheel is perched on top of Tokyu Plaza Kamata, a station plaza that is directly connected to Kamata Station. This Ferris wheel has been around since 1968. It consists of 9 carriages in different colors. Sadly, the rooftop Ferris wheel’s trend which started during the Showa Era started disappearing in department stores. Tokyu Plaza’s Ferris wheel should have undergone the same dismantling process but it was spared due to the many requests of people who wanted to continue the operation. The Ferris wheel was then kept in an open space on the rooftop for shoppers. It gives riders a chance to see Mt. Fuji once they are on top. Although the ride is not very tall, it offers interesting views of the city in a three-and-a-half minute rotation. The ride was refurbished and reopened on October 11, 2013.

    Re-opened! Price and other information

    On the first open of restart, many people, young and old, were seen lining eager to give the facility a try. The renovated wheel was given the name “Ferris Wheel of Fortune” among the other suggested names. The ride fee is 300 yen and it operates from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Besides this, you can also check out many things in Kamata area such as its restaurants and cafes, entertainment scenes, shopping places and comfortable hotels.

    The Ferris wheel of Fortune is a nostalgic ride that brings many memories to local people. It still remains to be an interesting attraction for some families and is considered a longtime symbol of Kamata district. This is the only rooftop Ferris wheel that you can find in Tokyo which offers a sky-high ride excitement. For that classic family time, you can always head to Tokyu Plaza Kamata and check out its quaint rooftop Ferris wheel that is still spinning. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll be able to catch a view of Mt. Fuji at the top.

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