Aichi’s lavender, short lived but a fun day trip

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  • Arakogawa Koen

    After a tiring work week, I was caught between wanting to do something and relax. So I decided to do both! Minutes from Nagoya station on the Aonami line lies a beautiful park, Arakogawakoen, where both are possible.


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    9 days


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    I found myself here to see the short-lived lavender in the humid rainy month of June. As I got off the train, apart from the humidity, there was the essence of lavender in the air. The scent was ever so subtle, but nearing the gardens, this scent lured me and kept me there, walking amongst the lavender gardens. Unfortunately, viewing this event only lasts 9 days, and if you are planning to go the ideal time would be somewhere in the middle.

    All purpose lavender


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    Lavender is grown in many parts of the world, regardless of the country, it has an enchanting smell. There are about 39 different species of lavender, which is used as decorative plants for gardens and landscapes, as a culinary herb, and for its essential oil.


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    Lavender was traditionally used in France to cure insomnia. People believed that crushing some lavender and keeping a small sachet under you pillow will help relax and soothe your nerves so you can rest well.

    The dance of the bumblebees


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    Apart from the aroma of lavender in the air, the calm feeling while strolling around, you might notice a constant buzzing sound about the garden. This is none other than busy bumble bees, and yes, some of them are quite big!
    Lavender is one of the flowers that attracts more bumble bees than honeybees. This is because lavender is a more
    shallow allowing bumble bees – who have 7.5-9mm longer tongues than honey bees who have 6-7mm tongues-
    to visit flowers faster and quicker. Their mission is simple, move onto the next flower ASAP!


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    Fear not, the bumble bees are too busy looking for the next lavender flower to notice you. However, I personally wouldn’t want to get too close!

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