Jobs and visas in Japan- All you need to know about Contract Frauds, Illegal jobs, and Traffickers !!

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  • Currently, the National Assembly is discussing the amendments of the Immigration Control Act and it became clear that the existence of evil brokers, scams and disappearance of foreign workers represents a problem that has escalated, reason why a discussion was invoked.

    First of all, what do you mean by malicious broker?


    In the present law, when foreigners stay in Japan and try to engage in “simple labor” which is not “specialized field or technical field”, they either:

    ①become spouses of Japanese citizens

    ② study in Japan as international students and Work less than 28 hours a week

    ③ work as a technical intern trainee (with the condition to return to the home country and as a main goal of the program, to further transmit the Japanese technology to the world).

    Let`s start with No.1

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    A malicious broker in ① is a typical case of disguised marriage. I would say that this surpasses evil deeds and it can already be considered a crime!
    Agencies and shady individuals arrange deals with the foreign women working in 風俗営業/ Fūzoku Eigyō; Fūzoku Eigyō are businesses affecting public morals such as nightclubs, sex industry etc. There are various ways of “camouflage marriages” and in some cases, a gang`s boss, for example, gets a member of the group to marry a foreigner woman under a fake marriage.

    No.2- Student Frauds- don`t get tricked!

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    No ② is the case of international students who wish to study at a Japanese language school having as a main purpose earning money in the country.
    The evil broker fools the aspiring youngsters by saying things like “You can earn between 200,000 and 300,000 yen while going to a Japanese language school in Japan and kill two birds with one stone!”

    In order to study abroad in Japan, the school fee for a Japanese Language School and the commission fee for the broker together are estimated to be 1 million-1.5 million yen and that is a lot of money for most of the people!
    Even more if we refer to less developed countries as some of the children will borrow money from either parents or relatives and they end up putting their land and houses up as collateral for bank loans so that their children can get better education and aim for the top while earning money and building their future.

    But I`m afraid reality isn`t that sweet…

    After enrolling in a Japanese language school, in the little free time they have, the international students work part-time at convenience stores etc. while attending school. According to the law, 28 hours a week is the upper limit, so the monthly income is about 120,000 yen calculated by an hourly wage of 1,000 yen. The promised amount of “200,000 to 300,000 yen a month” sounds quite far away and, pretty much, impossible to achieve now, right?
    You realise it was a scam, but unfortunately, too late! If you return to your country with a debt, your family is bankrupt!
    So, you have no other choice but continuing working here surpassing the 28h a week limit and violating the law by taking up several jobs…

    No.3- Contractor Frauds, Interns and Illegal Jobs


    Regarding No ③, the purpose of the original law is returning to your country in order to lead it and become a part of its development by using the skills achieved in Japan, but the reality is other: importing cheap labor.

    The companies are seeking cheap work force and hiring foreigners, so the salary is of course very low and far from enough to live in the country, not even mentioning saving up for the future. Many are displeased with the offered conditions and the very few benefits they get so become an easy target for the traffickers obviously up for no good. They attract the clueless foreigners and delude them with absurd lies like “I can lead you to the path of success and introduce a better company with double, no! triple the salary”. Blinded by their lies, of course the foreigners choose the higher salary; that way, they fall into their trap.

    The thing is that a visa status of technical intern doesn`t allow you to work with other companies/in other fields other than that specified on your status.
    Once you get into the trafficker`s car and earn an income with another company, same as an insect caught in a spider`s web, there`s no escape.
    Needless to mention, the evil man who lured you in the trap thought of this already and had it all planned from the very beginning.
    Now, my friend, you have no choice but take orders from him and beware, there are many cases when they might use you in illegal business,that becomes a crime, so the future won`t seem so bright anymore.

    Already involved in a shady business, doing a different work from the one your visa status is under, getting advice from the police is quite difficult and most probably the only thing left to do is slowly disappear without trace…

    Don`t become a victim !


    There was a discussion among the National Assembly about an actual situation involving the disappearance of foreign technical intern trainees, so along this law amendment, we hope to take a step forward in eliminating the traffickers and up to no good contractors and aim towards improving working conditions for foreign workers!

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