Top 3 Tsukemen places in Tokyo

  • Tsukamen is a thicker kind of ramen that is served cold usually in a different bowl from the broth. The broth itself is full of flavor with a depth and intensity from pork, chicken or even bonito. It is a one of a kind culinary experience and definitely a marked difference from its well-known thinner ramen cousin. The three restaurants below are some of the best I’ve found here in Tokyo

    1. Rokurinsha

    The grandfather of them all. Been reviewed in multiple sites and in many top 10 lists for good reason. Fittingly found in ramen alley at the basement of Tokyo metro station, it is one of the best. From its pork-based rich broth to getting to drink the leftover broth when done, it is definitely one of the must try list. I have even written a whole article on this restaurant alone!

    Rokurinsha Website*Japanese Only
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    2. Tetsu

    The noodles here are one of the thickest I’ve ever had. If the lines out the door consistently are of any indication, you are definitely in for a treat. The broth that is pork and seafood based. The sides of fried garlic hit the spot. The piece de resistance is the hot stone that you can get – they drop it into the cooling broth and instantly makes the broth bubble up with flavor and warmth. Ask for this “yaki-ishi” – it’s free at no charge! You’ll thank me for it. Perfect for a cold winter treat.

    Tetsu Website*Japanese Only

    3. Afuri

    The broth here is chicken, fish and konbu based, but what differentiates it from others tsukemen is the yuzu citrus touch that cuts thru the fat and leaves you with a lighter taste. A definite treat in the summer. It has been open for more than 10 years and must be doing something right.

    Afuri*Japanese Only

    If ever in Tokyo do partake in Tsukamen. There really is nothing like it. All of which you can pre-order via vending machines outside of each establishment that even take Pasmo (subway) cards! Itadakimasu!