Admiring Human-made Geometry in Moerenuma Park

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  • Moerenuma Park (モエレ沼公園 – Moerenuma Ko-en) is a park in the northeastern part of Sapporo, it’s construction started in 1982 and finished only in 2005. The name “moerenuma” comes from the Ainu word “Moyre pet” which means ‘a slowly flowing river’. The park is 1,89-km square, with 120 playgrounds, about 3,000 cherry trees, and parking space for 1,500 vehicles. The park is popular with its fountain and hill that form wonderful geometrical landscapes.

    Glass Pyramid “HIDAMARI”

    HIDAMARI is the symbol of Moerenuma Park and is the main facility. It has three floors and a roof that allows visitors to overlook the park. The ground floor is multi-purpose space for citizens’ cultural activities, restaurants and shops. On the top floor, there is a gallery of Isamu Noguchi and the miniature model of the park.

    Sea Fountain

    The Sea Fountain is located in the center of the park. It can shoot the water up to 25 meters in the air. The best time to enjoy the fountain is in summer as the splashes of the water touch your skin on a hot day. During winter, the fountain is closed due to the weather.

    Mt. Moere

    The Mt. Moere is 62 meters tall, it is a landmark of the northeastern area of the city of Sapporo. You can climb the mountain from three directions. When you reach the summit of the mountain, you are able to overlook not only the entire park, but also the entire city of Sapporo. In winter when the snow is falling down and wraps the mount up, you can enjoy skiing or sledding on this mountain.

    Moere Beach

    Another good spot in the park to visit on a hot summer day is the Moere Beach. Actually, it isn’t a real beach, but cone-shaped pond surrounded by promenades. Swimming or just relaxing under the sunshade are great summer activities.

    Others Spots

    Besides those four main spots, there are many others attractions in the park such as the forest of cherry trees, the Tetra Mound which is a simple and dynamic 13-meter tall triangular pyramid and Aqua Plaza which allows you to dangle your feet in it.

    Tetra Plaza

    Aqua Plaza

    Useful Information

    Here is some information you need to know:
    – Open: Whole year, 7:00 – 22:00 (Park entrance closed at 21:00)
    – The entrance admission and the parking lots are free.
    Make sure to:
    – If you bring along your pet, keep it on a leash and do not have your pet excrete on the lawn, if that happened you need to clean it.
    – Take your trash when leaving and put it into the rubbish bin.
    – Follow signs and park’s staff instruction
    – Do not remove any plants from the park.


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