Meet Duffy’s Friend: Shellie May!

  • Not only is Duffy a limited edition character at DisneySea in Japan, he has an adorable teddy bear girlfriend named Shellie May!


    In early January 2010, DisneySea announced that they would be holding a special event for Valentine’s Day called “Sweet Duffy” starting on January 22nd. On the day of the announcement, the official Duffy site was renewed to include a new section that was partly covered as to not spoil the new addition to the Disney family. Speculations arose as to whether it would be Duffy’s pet or another teddy bear.
    Just before the start of the “Sweet Duffy” event, Shellie May was officially revealed as another teddy bear that Minnie Mouse made for Duffy.

    After the official reveal of Shellie May, she became so popular that on the first day she was available for purchase, January 22nd, there were seven hour lines at the stores JUST to buy a Shellie May teddy bear. As ridiculous as that sounds, people spent a majority of their day at DisneySea to buy Shellie May. Before the release of Shellie May, Duffy products were only available at Aunt Peg’s in Cape Cod and McDuck’s Department Store in the American Waterfront but due to her popularity, DisneySea decided to begin selling Duffy products at Galleria Disney in Mediterranean Harbor and eventually at the Sleepy Whale in Mermaid Lagoon.

    Aunt Peg’s Village Store


    Along with Duffy, Shellie May has a wide variety of outfits that you can buy for her (some are limited edition and can only be bought during certain periods of time).

    Canary Crossing (2015)
    This is a new outfit that will be available from June 24th 2015 in celebration of the upcoming wedding season!

    Journey With Duffy (2015)
    This is a new outfit that will be available from July 3rd 2015!

    My Friend Duffy-Tokyo DisneySea Website
    Tokyo DisneySea Access
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