SPOILER ALERT: Hidden Mickeys at Tokyo Disney Land!

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  • A widely well-known way of enjoying the times while waiting for the next attractions to visit at the Disney parks is looking for the hidden Mickeys that are scattered throughout the park. There are many hidden Mickeys within each Disney park including Disney Land in Japan. These Mickeys are shown as a combination of three circles, forming the shape of Mickey’s head when you look at him from the front.

    Apparently there are thirty official hidden Mickeys within Tokyo Disney Land at the moment. Here I would like to introduce a few of them to you.


    Aboard the Mark Twain Vessel
    A Trashcan in Western Land

    At the Docks on Tom Sawyer Island
    This is a rare hidden Mickey where you can see Mickey’s side profile instead of the usual three circles. There are actually four other hidden Mickeys at the docks on Tom Sawyer Island. Can you find them?

    Leaves on the Raft at Tom Sawyer Island
    Apparently these hidden Mickey’s are cut out frequently so they are not in a specific location. Sometimes there is a side profile version of the cut out.

    The Cactus at the Entrance of Big Thunder Mountain
    Did you know that there was a pretty obvious hidden Mickey at one of the most popular rides in Disney Land?

    Disney Land Parking Lot
    If you go on the monorail that wraps around the two Tokyo Disney parks, you might be able to see this rare hidden Mickey made out of traffic cones.

    Temporary Hidden Mickeys
    The cast members at Tokyo Disney Land go about the park occasionally making adorable limited edition Mickeys in various places. You might be lucky enough to encounter one too!

    The Tokyo Disney Land Hotel

    The Car Tracks in Toon Town
    There are so many other hidden Mickeys in Toon Town at Tokyo Disney Land, can you find them all?

    These are only a small portion of the hidden Mickeys that can be found at Tokyo Disney Land. I hope I didn’t spoil too much for you! (I tried to introduce the most obvious ones) Next time you visit Tokyo Disney Land, how many hidden Mickeys will you be able to spot?