Get to know Manika Nagare and her vibrant use of Color and Flowing Style

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  • Manika Nagare is a Japanese artist who is famous for her vivid abstract landscapes made by using sheer layers of oil paint. She grew up in an artist family in Kagawa, thus making art was a huge part in growing up. As a child, she naturally enjoyed drawing and painting. Most of her artworks are based on discipline and creativity. She also expressed her art through contemporary dance.

    Manika’s Younger Years

    Manika Nagare loved art when she was young. However, she wasn’t really sure which form of art she liked. When she reached 15 years old, she discovered her passion for oil painting. Pursuing her passion was very tough especially that people underestimated her paintings as simply watercolors. However, if people look closely to it, they’ll see many glazes of different colors layered on top of each other.

    She took her passion to the next level by enrolling in oil painting in a university at the age of 17. She also took several of her artworks to some gallerist and curators and asked them for advice. They always told her she had a potential in art and it kept her pushing forward. Being a professional artist is actually a hard job. It’s quite difficult to compete with other aspiring artists.

    Painting Subjects

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    『ひう/ Hiu』 2011, #oiloncanvas 15.8 x 22.7 cm ©️#manikanagare courtesy of #yukatsurunogallery 明日からの #ユカツルノギャラリー 『 オレンジリボン チャリティ展』に出品しています。 #オレンジリボン とは #児童虐待防止 運動のシンボルであり、ご購入いただいた作品の売り上げの20%をNPO法人児童虐待防止全国ネットワークに寄付いたします。 会期:2018年7月24日(火)- 8月4日(土) 開廊時間: 火 – 木、土 11:00 – 18:00、金 11:00 – 20:00 休廊日: 日、月、祝 会場: ユカ・ツルノ・ギャラリー 東京都品川区東品川1-33-10 TERRADA Art Complex 3F I am participating the #charityexhibition for #orangeribbon by the gallery artists as a summer 2018 special project of Yuka Tsuruno Gallery . The orange ribbon is a symbol of Child Abuse Prevention Campaign, and in this charity exhibition, we will donate 20% of its sales to Japan Network for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect, a non-profit organization. Date: Tuesday July 24 – Saturday August 4, 2018 Opening hours: Tue – Thu, Sat, 11am – 6pm; Fri 11am – 8pm * Closed on Sunday, Monday, and National holiays Venue: Yuka Tsuruno Gallery 1-33-10-3F Higashi-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo Japan

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    Manika Nagare’s painting technique is far different from the Western style. Instead of mixing colors in a palette, she layers one on top of another. She does it directly on the canvass. Nevertheless, her layers look transparent because she mixes the pigment with a lot of oil. This is the reason why you can see several colors once you look closely at her paintings. After the 2011 earthquake, Nagare started painting more landscapes.

    She went back and forth to Fukushima and was inspired with the organic lines of the mountains. Whenever she starts a painting, she only knows it is complete by looking at it for three days. If there’s nothing more to add, that painting is complete. There are times when she can’t stop from adding more and that is the only time she knows that the painting is complete. She also held several workshops such as the Re-Saw where she asked participants to bring along unwanted fabrics from home in order to remake a piece by free expression.

    Contemporary Dance and Collaborations

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    ポーラ美術館を訪れた少しでも多くの方に、生きてるアーティストの作品も面白いと思っていただけるべく、今回は展示室からどーんとはみ出した展示をしています。 壁にかけるという性格上、どうしても作品の中に決まった上下左右があるのが絵画なのですが、ゴッホはそこから解放されるべく『草むら』という作品で、上から見た草むらを描いています。それを私なりに追いかけ、『照降なし』という上下左右にこだわらない作品を描き、それを印刷したカッティングシートを天地関係なく貼りまくりました。この仕掛けが実現したのは、美術館、撮影、カッティングシート、設営に関わってくださったみなさんのご協力で、技術が集結したおかげです。 『草むら』に寝転ぶかのように、会場で重力から解き放たれてください。という展示『#色を追う #tracingthecolors 』もしつこいようですがあと3日です! 撮影:加藤健、一部画像協力:ポーラ美術館 #paintng “Neither Rain nor Shine” is inspired by #vincentvangogh ’s “#clumpsofgrass ” and make the #installation to free ourselves of the restraints of his gravity by using modern #printingtechnology

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    Manika Nagare never thought that dance would become part of her life. One producer suggested her to use contemporary dance in order to express more of her artwork. She then realized that it was effective for her. She used several dancers in order to create organic lines with their bodies just like her paintings.

    In line with this, she also painted their costumes. Nagare also collaborated with MM.Lafleur which is a luxury apparel and accessories brand which provides a wardrobe solution to professional women. Her paintings were expressed in MM.LAfluer’s dresses. This came about because she was also a friend of the designer. It made her even very excited.

    The beautiful works of Manika Nagare is something people should recognize. As an artist, much of her work focuses on her habitual fantasy of human figures made into abstract as well as abstract landscapes. She is truly an inspiration to aspiring young artists.

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