The Kawaii “Gudetama Cafe” in Tokyo for a Limited Period of Time!

  • The character

    A Gudetama Cafe has opened in Tokyo Sky Tree Town. Now I’m not sure if you’ve heard of Gudetama, but Gudetama is a new character created by the Japanese character product company Sanrio. Gudetama is another character created by the company that made the globally popular character Hello Kitty.

    Gudetama is a lazy egg character that appears in any egg from including sunny side up eggs, salmon roe, and ostrich eggs. Now due to the popularity of Gudetama and to celebrate the making of a DVD for the animation, a Gudetama Cafe has opened in Tokyo Sky Tree Town from March 20th to July 31st.


    Here are some of the items from the Gudetama Cafe menu.

    Gude-takoyaki (650 yen)
    There is a boiled Gudetama sitting in the midst of the takoyaki.

    Gude-sen (500 yen)
    The sunny-side up egg turned into a Gudetama.

    There are 7 flavors to the Gude-float and this cold drink is perfect for the heat of the upcoming season. I personally don’t know which part of this is exactly an egg…but it seems good nonetheless.

    Gude-mitsu (400 yen)
    The Gude-mitsu is a dessert made up of vanilla ice-cream, Japanese red bean paste, shiratama, and kuromitu with a Gudetama tart on top.

    Gude-onigiri (550 yen)
    This rice ball (onigiri) is filled with a flavored Gudetama and tuna mayonnaise.


    Gude-bou (250 yen)
    The gude-bou is a fried egg on a stick. Basically. It comes in two types: monja and sausage.

    Gude-musubi (250 yen)
    Gude-musubi is a combination of fried egg and spam meat on top of rice wrapped with a sliver of nori (Japanese seaweed).

    If you are in Japan during this period of time, I recommend visiting the Gudetama Cafe! This cafe is only open for a limited time and the foods offered here can only be eaten here and now!


    The Gudetama Cafe is on the 4th floor of the West Yard of the Skytree.
    Gudetama Official Website*Japanese Only