3 Best Dishes to Try in the Japanese Yakiniku Restaurants

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    Do you know Yakiniku? Yakiniku is one of the most popular foods among the Japanese, just like sushi. Yakiniku means grilled meat. Yakiniku is a lot like BBQ, but there is a little difference. Yakiniku commonly consists of thin sliced beef, pork, and chicken, and a soy-sauce based dipping. At Yakiniku restaurants, you will not only find those meats, but also vegetables, seafood, rice, noodles and many side menu dishes which will make your supper even better!

    Sliced meat

    In Japan, it’s normal to eat thin sliced meat. Of course, in many countries, there are different kinds of meats as well, but normally those are thick like steak or BBQ pieces. However, at Yakiniku restaurants in Japan, you will only see very thin slices of meat. They go extremely well with the special soy-based sauce, I’m sure you would love it! Also, don’t forget to order some rice with your meat, it only makes it better!


    The Japanese eat many parts of meat including organs. The offal is called “horumon”(hormone) in Japanese. You eat offal just like any other thin meat, just put on the grill and cook. It is pretty tasty and it is said it is really good for burning fat, making skin smoother, and making you less tired.

    Cold noodles

    As I said before, there are many side menu dishes in Yakiniku restaurants. Most of them are carbohydrates so that you can feel satisfied. One of the most popular side dishes are cold noodles which are called Re-men in Japanese. Since the meats at Yakiniku restaurants are kind of heavy to prevent overloading your stomach, you can eat Re-men at the end of the dinner.

    I think most of the Japanese like Yakiniku. So there are many Yakiniku restaurants in Japan. I strongly recommend you to try Yakiniku when you visit Japan!