5 Top Reasons why Ginza is Times Square’s twin!!!!

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  • Tokyo’s Ginza district is full of stunning neon billboards, stand alone stores of international designer brands and has now become a permanent tourist attraction. All these factors also make it very similar to Times Square in New York and they surely are twins of each other- one in the east and the other in the west.
    Here are 5 reasons that will make you realise their uncanny similarities and also make you fall in love with Ginza-its lights, its streets and the ultimate shopping experience that it offers.

    1) Shopping Galore

    Just like Time’s square, Ginza also has huge stores of famous brands like Shiseido, Uniqlo, GU, luxury brands like Tiffany, Cartier, Gucci, Chanel and many more. Unleash the shopaholic in you and explore all the shopping options in Ginza, from mid range to high value items. Fine jewelry, clothes, cosmetics, electronics and even car showrooms-Ginza is truly the best shopping district in Tokyo!!

    2) Stunning store fronts

    During festive seasons and special offers, the storefronts of the retail stores in Ginza are done beautifully, just like how one would experience in New York. The window displays are beautifully themed, decorated and lit up, much to every passer by’s delight. These also make for a great photographic backdrop. Shiseido’s aesthetically crafted artsy store front, Fendi’s glamorous window displays and many other brands’ eye catching facades are a glimpse of the amazing shopping experience these brands offer inside.

    3) People and more people everywhere!

    Ginza boasts of hosting hoards of people that include local Tokyo residents, international students, expatriate workers and tourists who come from far and wide to experience the best of Asia-Tokyo!! Times square is considered a place hosting maximum number of tourists and rightly called Crossroads of the World, similarly Ginza is a crowded district but still offers a new and exciting experience on each visit. The fancy cocktail and sushi bars are also a great crowd puller.

    4)Great place for Photo-op

    Whether it’s the brightly lit streets, beautifully decked up store windows, Nissan Crossing showroom showcasing futuristic cars, Seiko clock atop the building or just cool boutique shops, Ginza is a haven for all those looking for Instagram pictures and memories that will live on as their photographs. Just like Times Square’s iconic billboards, the ball on One Times Square, neon lit streets and many shops and cafes, Ginza is also a delight for those who wish to capture such magical places and moments in their cameras.

    5) Neon Lit Wonder

    One a pitch black night also, New York’s Times Square is bright, lively and hustling, all thanks to the neon billboards in the area. Similarly, Ginza also has many such billboards and hoardings that are neon lit which makes the place seem constantly bustling with activity.

    Ginza is truly a travelers delight as it offers multifarious experiences to the visitors, just like its western counterpart Times Square in USA. Ginza is an ultimate destination in Tokyo to feel the true vibe of the city. Visit Ginza to shop, eat, drink, explore and be stunned by its beauty!!

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