Top Things to do at Takeshita Street in Tokyo

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  • Takeshita street in Harajuku is a fun filled, vibrant and crowded street boasting of various unique shopping, eating and photography experience! Having hues of pink, bright lights and mostly hosting many people, Takeshita street is an icon in Tokyo’s tourism list. Here is a list of top things you can do at Takeshita Street- Eat, Shop and indulge in some uniquely Japanese experiences.

    Takeshita street has many small shops offering yummy delicious crepes. The french delicacy Crepe is offered in a variety of flavours and toppings ranging from chocolate, strawberry, blueberry, cheesecake to other seasonal flavours. These crepe kiosks or stores have stunning displays of crepe samples which are artificial replicas of the crepes to help you choose which crepe to order and gorge on!

    Other recommendations!

    Eat at Wolfgang Puck Express!!

    Celebrated American chef Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant is right at the entrance of the Takeshita street. Order classic American fare like burger, fries, salad served with a local twist of flavours to enjoy a meal in the bustling street of Takeshita.

    Calbee Plus

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    The most loved Japanese snack maker Calbee runs Calbee Plus in Takeshita street and has their famous potato chips and Jagarico on the menu and that too freshly made!! These lip smacking snacks are perfect to grab and munch on while strolling through Takeshita street.

    Shop Splurge at Daiso!!

    Entering Takeshita street, huge pink boards with Daiso written on them are visible. Head straight to Daiso 100 yen store for your shopping fix. Daiso offers unique souvenirs, snacks, gifting items, stationery and other cute Japanese items that are perfect to take back home as memories of Japan.
    Local shops
    Many local shops have cool items like caps, t-shirts and other accessories having ‘I love Tokyo’ written on them. These merchandise are very popular as souvenirs or gifting items as they instill a feeling of Tokyo and its awesome culture!!

    Purikura or print club

    Enter one of the many Purikura centres or print clubs in Takeshita street. These are fun photo booths where in one can go with friends and have a fun time clicking fun pictures, editing them and getting copies of the same to keep as memories forever. These automated Purikura have amazing features to add fun captions to the photos and capture photos in a variety of poses and with props.

    Camera at the gate

    Have fun looking into the camera located at the entrance gate of the street. The camera captures real time and displays the onlookers on the screen. So go ahead and have fun while seeing yourself and many others on the screen, before you enter the magical lanes of Takeshita street!!

    Heading to Harajuku? Visiting Takeshita street is a much for fun, food and fashion that is iconic of Japan, and Tokyo in specific. Take cues from the above list and make your visit to Takeshita street memorable and worthwhile. Takeshita street is an exciting and enthralling experience that proudly presents local Japanese cultural elements in a global way for our travelers and visitors.

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