Tokyo Sea Life Park: Just 3 minutes from Tokyo Disney Resort!

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  • 2014 marked the 25th anniversary of the Tokyo Sea Life Park. This park was planned as part of the Ueno Zoo 100th anniversary project. Tokyo Sea Life Park opened in 1989 as a place to encourage people to interact with marine wildlife. Tokyo Sea Life Park’s most important goal is to help the reproduction of marine animals in Tokyo and the entire world.

    Main Areas

    Voyagers of the Sea

    This is the first area in Tokyo Sea Life Park. After descending an escalator from the enormous glass dome entrance, you are greeted by an enormous tank filled with sharks and Japanese sardines and many other types of fish.

    Aqua Theater

    This 2,200-ton donut-shaped tank is the home of various types of tuna fish.

    The World’s Oceans

    From the warm, coral-filled waters of the Caribbean to the frozen waters of the North Pole, the World’s Oceans exhibit is the home of an enormous variety of rare marine life from all over the globe.

    Sea Bird Exhibition
    Birds are also a large part of marine wildlife. At the Sea Bird Exhibition, you can witness the thrilling sight of birds living on the coastline diving into the water to feed on fish.

    Life on the Shoreline

    At the Life on the Shoreline exhibit, you can experience the once nature-filled fresh waters of Tokyo. There is a freshwater lake and a river where you can find fish swimming against the currents.

    Penguin Exhibition

    The penguin exhibit at Tokyo Sea Life Park is one of the largest in the country. Here you can find Humboldt Penguins, Emperor Penguins, Little Penguins, and Rockhopper Penguins.

    Kelp Forest

    From the world’s largest type of kelp to the marine animals of the California shoreline, you’ll find many types of wildlife in the Kelp Forest.

    The Sea of Tokyo
    At the Sea of Tokyo, you will find exhibits of Tokyo’s islands (yes there are islands in Tokyo) to replicas of the Tokyo bay area.

    Tokyo Sea Life Park

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