Shaun IN JAPAN: Let’s see “Shaun” artworks by Japanese Artists!

  • Wallace & Gromit a Close Shave

    Shaun the Sheep is a stop-motion animation series made by the British animation company Aardman Animations. Originally, Shaun the Sheep was a character in the Wallace & Gromit a Close Shave (1995) short film from the Wallace & Gromit series.

    Shaun the Sheep in A Close Shave
    Shaun IN JAPAN/Shaun IN THE CITY UK Trails

    Shaun IN JAPAN is a part of the art and charity project, Shaun IN THE CITY UK Trails, that is taking place in the U.K from March 28th to August 31st this year. Aardman Animations has a goal of making children happy through their art. Many famous artists who sympathized with this goal decided to make their own Shaun the Sheep statue and after setting them up around Bristol and London during this period, the statues will be up for auction to raise money for the children that are in hospitals. There are 50 Shaun the Sheep statues in London, and another 70 statues in Bristol where the Aardman Animations headquarters are located. Unfortunately the Shaun the Sheep statues in London have already been taken down, the statues in Bristol will be set up around town from July 6th to August 31st.
    Now many artists in Japan have decided to join this cause, and seven different Shaun the Sheep statues have been put up in the Tokyu Plaza Omotesando store from June 12th to June 25th.

    The Types of Shauns

    The Evangelion Model
    by Anno Hideaki and Ikuto Yamashita

    The Sugasugaroon Model
    by Moyoko Yasuno

    The Hello Kitty Model
    by Sanrio

    The Unionjack Model
    by the British Council

    Eekanji Shaun
    by Tomomi Kunishige

    Sweet Shaun
    by Osamu Watanabe

    Shaun the Sheep

    These limited edition Shauns will be auctioned off in 2016 so why not visit them while you can!

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