Beautiful Japanese words related to rain

  • Rainy has already started in Japan.

    Do you like rain? Some of you don’t like rain because it makes you feel down. But Japanese have many beautiful words related to rain. Let’s learn these words to feel a little happier during rainy season!
    Japan is surrounded by beautiful nature and Japanese have a lot of unique words to express nature, among them, many are about rain. Leaning these expressions, will make you understand Japanese attitude towards nature better.

    1. Shu- 驟雨(しゅうう)

    The direct translation is showering rain. Shu- is a rain which starts suddenly quickly changes its strength and then suddenly stops. In Japan, Shu- normally happens in the afternoons and evenings during summer. Shu- which stopped very soon is called “Niwaka Ame(にわか雨) ”

    2. Sayoshigure 小夜時雨(さよしぐれ)

    The light shower in the night is called “Sayoshigure”. Shigure(時雨) means rain which starts and stops frequently in fall and winter. Sa(小) means small, and yo(夜) means night.

    3. Shinotsukuame 篠突く雨(しのつくあめ)

    Shinotsukiame is a heavy downpour which sound reminds people of “shinotake” falling on the ground. Shino part in this word is short for Shinotake, which means bamboo grass.

    4. Hananoame 花の雨(はなのあめ)

    The rain at the season of the blossom of cherry trees in spring, which falls on the cherry blossoms. In Japan, the falling of cherry blossom flowers gives people sense of fragility(儚さ).

    From these words, you can see how many different rains are. the rain itself is beautiful, but also the rainbow after rain is also fantastic. What do you think about these Japanese words? It is sounds beautiful, isn’t it? There are much more words for rain in Japanese. If you are interested in these words, search other words on the internet! With these great words, spend great rainy days!!!!