3 largest nightlife areas in Japan

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  • Do you like going out at night? Well, come people prefer hanging out at night to doing that in the daytime. The atmosphere, when you are walking in the city at night, with glowing neon lights on the left and various charming shops on the right, is amazing. Japan has some nice places you should know about and possibly visit, there is Susukino in Sapporo Prefecture up north, there is Kabukicho in Tokyo, central Japan, and Nakasu in the south in Fukuoka Prefecture.

    Susukino, Sapporo

    Susukino (すすきの) is one of the main attractions in Sapporo that covers an area of several blocks from the intersection at Tsukisamu Dori and Ekimae Dori, south all the way to Nakajima Park, and several blocks to the east and west. There are more than 4,000 kinds of shops which focus on nighttime entertainment, you may find stores, bars, restaurants, karaoke booths, even pachinko parlors. In February when it’s still winter, Susukino holds Susukino Ice Festival, it is part of Sapporo Snow Fest. The ice sculptures are really beautiful at night while the neon lights illuminate it. Today, most of host and hostess bars or similar entertainment are located on the top floors and to enter such place native or near-native Japanese is required. The city is very family friendly though, that is why you may find several children walking with their parents there even at night.

    Kabukicho, Tokyo

    Kabukicho (歌舞伎町) is located in Shinjuku, Tokyo. It is known as one of the largest night entertainment areas in Asia, several people call this part of Tokyo “sleepless town”. The area is easy to access because it is close to several railway and some subway stations such as Shinjuku Station, the busiest station in the world with more than two million passengers passing through it every day. Just like in any other night city, you can find host and hostess clubs, bars, pachinko parlors and some restaurants. One of the best restaurants in the city is Robot Restaurant. It was opened in 2013 and has live tobot-themed shows and several Japanese dancers.

    Nakasu, Fukuoka

    About 3,500 entertainment establishments exist in the eastern part of Fukuoka City, between Naka-gawa and the Hakata-gawa rivers. Countless coffee shops, restaurants, bars, parlors and other premises are available there. The most interesting places in the city are food stalls that serve yakitori, ramen and oden that are lined up along the Naka-gawa riverside. The Nakasu-Kawabata Station and Fukuoka City Subway are the nearest subway stations.

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