Upcoming June Events In Enoshima Aquarium!

  • Here are a few events for the month of June that will be taking place at the Enoshima Aquarium. If you are in Japan in June, why not go visit?

    The Enoshima Aquarium is on the mainland right near Enoshima. The current Enoshima Aquarium opened in 2005.

    Bottlenose Dolphin Baby!

    The Enoshima Aquarium is currently gathering new names for the baby Bottlenose Dolphin that was born on April 12th this year. His dad is the first Japanese third generation Bottlenose Dolphin to be born in an aquarium. This baby dolphin is the first fourth generation dolphin to be born in an aquarium. You can see the baby dolphin swimming with his mother in the greeting pool at the dolphin show stadium. They are recruiting new names for this adorable baby dolphin from June 1st to June 30th. The person who’s name gets used wins a year pass for the Enoshima Aquarium and a large stuffed animal dolphin!

    Hydrangea Tank

    Hydrangeas are seasonal flowers in Japan and they are in full bloom around June. Instead of normal land hydrangeas, the Enoshima Aquarium has a special underwater hydrangea exhibit open for the entire month of June. There are gorgeous orange, red and yellow corals that are unique to the Sagami coast area (the coast around the Enoshima Aquarium).

    Projection Mapping×Jellyfish

    For the entire month of June, you can see a special collaboration event of projection mapping and the jellyfish exhibit at Enoshima Aquarium. This projection mapping show is available for months other than June, but during June the 3D projections will be specially made to feature hydrangeas for the hydrangea season.

    Frog/Newt Exhibit

    There will also be a frog/newt exhibit as June is the rainy season in Japan and amphibious creatures thrive the best in this season. A lot of new types of frogs and newts have been found in Japan recently and they will be on exhibit at the Enoshima Aquarium during the month of June.

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