Why Do the Japanese Have the Longest Life Expectancy?

  • Japan is a country with a recently ageing problem. It is true that the number of elder people is large and it lacks young people. But have you ever wondered why people in Japan are healthy and have a longer life? Personally, I, who have been living here for more than 1 year, assume that food contributes to this the most. And after that comes the rest of the good Japanese habits.

    1. Food

    Japanese consume various healthy foods including fresh fish and sea plants like seaweed. These kinds of foods are believed to contain nutritions such as omega 3 that help to prevent heart attacks and cancer. Japanese eat seafood in their everyday life. So it is no wonder that they stay so healthy and energetic. Japanese also normally eat food adequately, they rarely eat too much. This habit is good for controlling body weight and digestion.

    2. Green Tea

    We all know that green tea contains antioxidants that are good for your body and prevent cancer. Green tea is easy to find in Japan and is a Japanese everyday drink.

    3. Hygiene

    Japanese people are well known for their high standards in maintaining hygiene. Japanese maintain cleanliness in every aspect. In Japan, you can find hand sanitizer gel in many corners. It is good to keep your hands clean and free from bacteria.

    4. General Health Check Up

    Japanese people have a habit to get general health check up yearly. This habit is good to prevent the development of diseases and to help diagnose it earlier, just in case there is something wrong with your body.

    5. Exercise

    Japanese people like to exercise. We can see many elder people in Japan walking in the morning, exercising in the parks and workout at gyms.

    6. Keeping Active until the old age

    We all know that the Japanese always active. They are hard working people and are independent. They always do everything by themselves. It is not a common thing to find a maid in a Japanese family. Everything should be done by yourself. Japanese also use bicycles all the time. So being active makes you feel alive, even when you are old. The habit of ‘working’ also makes your body stronger.

    Japanese have became a really good example in terms of habits that make people healthier. We hope that these habits can also be a motivation for people in the other countries!