3 tips to get the most fun out of Tokyo Disney Land and Tokyo Disney Sea

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  • When visiting one of the Disney parks in Tokyo, it can be more of a hassle than fun if you go unprepared. Long waiting lines, crowded places and if you are unlucky and all odds are against you: even the weather can be unpleasant.
    But it doesn’t have to be this way: if you prepare well, Tokyo Disney Land or the sister park Tokyo Disney Sea can be the most enjoyable theme parks you have ever visited, leaving you full of memories and fulfilling dreams. Here is some advice on how to make it come true:

    Make sure that you make good use of fast passes.

    If you have not heard of it before: it is a service where you get a fast pass ticket, which gives you VIP access to specific rides during certain hours. This way you can almost completely skip long waiting lines and can enjoy the attractions much better.

    The best part of it: they are free! All you need to do is to get to your desired ride and insert your park ticket at designated fast pass ticket machines. Depending on how many visitors have already collected a fast pass, you will be able to ride the attraction sooner or later. Before noon and around noon you can usually get on a ride around one to two hours later. The later in the day gets, the longer you need to wait.
    Next step: once it is time to make use of your fast pass ticket, you are allowed to get another ticket. So before making use of your initial fast pass, get one at your next desired ride.

    And while killing time waiting for your fast pass ride’s time, you can eat, ride attractions with a short waiting time, see parade shows outside and inside or you can just take a rest.

    2. Week Day /Rainy Day

    The park is less crowded on a weekday (except Friday) and even lesser on a cloudy or rainy day. So make sure to avoid the weekend!

    3. Early Lunch / Late Lunch

    Lunch is inevitable if you are going to stay the whole day. It is prohibited to bring food and drinks into the park, so when having a meal, it is best to skip 12:00 noon, at which most of the visitors would go to have lunch. Best is to go at 11AM or around 2PM or later.