Where to try Japan`s fresh and delicious tuna?

  • Since you came all the way to Japan, seafood is a must and tuna occupies a top spot among Japanese people. However, where should you head to indulge yourself in the refined and delicious Japanese cuisine? Maybe choose the popular Tsukiji fish market or Tokyo’s new fish market, Toyosu Market?

    Or better!

    How does enjoying the seaside view and having an unforgettable gourmet experience at one of the most well-known fishing ports, “Misaki Port” sounds? It can easily be accessed from Tokyo; you can enjoy the nature and get a feel of Japan’s culture while taking refugee from the everyday life.

    This article is based on my two-days experience in the port Misaki, so join me in my journey and see what places we can re-discover!

    First day

    Taking the – Keikyu line and starting my journey

    Keikyu line

    I embarked at Shinagawa station and headed to Misakiguchi station riding on the Limited Express of Keikyu Main Line with the KEIKYU Misaki Maguro Pass. To make things easier for me, I bought the KEIKYU Misaki Maguro Pass at JAPANiCAN.com, which is a travel reservation site for foreigners visiting Japan before my travel.

    The KEIKYU Misaki Maguro pass is very useful thanks to its variety of options.


    There was no need to change trains and thanks to the gorgeous view I had before my eyes, about an hour passed by quickly. From the Misakiguchi station I hopped -on the Keikyu bus and reached the Misaki Port in 20 minutes. As soon as I got off, I could see the sparkling sea and ships and it felt almost like the sea breeze was welcoming me to the port.

    Enjoying the Tuna Lunch


    As soon as I arrived, I finally got to face the tuna I was looking forward to. There are a lot of places that serve tuna in there, but I had my lunch at Maguro Shokudou Shichibeimaru, a very popular place always full of customers and worth trying!


    The clerk cooked the tuna’s head right in front of me, so it was an awesome thing to experience. Here, the Mega Donburi, a dish that has about 300g of tuna is very famous, but since I couldn’t have it all by myself, I used “Maguro Selection Meal Ticket” and ordered a tuna set limited edition dish from the available menu options included in my free pass.


    Have a look at this gorgeous color, balance and texture! You can have a taste of various parts of the fish and it comes with rice, cooked tuna, pickles and miso soup to satisfy your appetite.

    Off to Jogashima


    After fulfilling my gourmet appetite, I took a boat and headed to Jogashima. You can see the sea creatures by taking an underwater sightseeing tour.(You can exchange the Leisure Facility or Souvenir Selection Ticket of KEIKYU Misaki Maguro Pass for a boarding ticket)


    I used a boat named Hakusyu on my way to Jogashima. The distance is very small, and you can also use a bus to get there.The landscape you see from the boat has its charm and you can even more feel the elegance of the port.

    Enjoy the nature in the Jogashima park


    The park is very large and there is lots of vegetation, so you can either enjoy a picnic or have a stroll.


    If you walk for a few minutes, you get to the Observation Deck and discover the refreshing vast blue ocean. I immerse myself in the scenery. The ocean and the view broadening before my eyes simply took my breath away; that`s how beautiful it was.

    From the Observation Deck, I walked around 10 minutes and arrived at Umanose Doumon. There are some stairs that take you to the rocky beach.


    Tokyo Day Trip

    Umanose Doumon, a name I would loosely translate as The Horse`s Back Gate, is a hole formed naturally by erosion and it has this name because it looks like a horse back. Now, can you figure out where is it? Having a look at this naturally created cave, doesn`t make you realise once again how great the mother nature can be.

    Away back before, boats were able to pass through it, but since the Big Earthquake there`s danger of collapsing so nowadays, you can`t do that anymore. So please be careful when you approach it!


    About 15 minutes distance, you can go to the Jogashima Lighthouse where you can see a beautiful scenery and houses surrounded by a multitude of greens. Inhale and exhale this fresh air and let go of all the pressure and stress accumulated up to now.

    Kaiseki-ryori and Onsen in a Japanese Hotel


    I arrived to the Jogashima Keikyu Hotel and took some time to relax a little. It is the hotel on the island and it offers a traditional multi-course Japanese dinner (the kaiseki-ryori mentioned above). There is also an open-air bath with a view to Sagami bay, so wash off your fatigue and have a perfect ending of this day.


    If you`re not staying in Jogashima, we also recommend trying the HOTEL KEIKYU ABURATSUBO KANCHOSO that is located right next to the Keikyu Aburatsubo Marine Park. As you can see in the picture, it has a beautiful bathroom, a relaxing open bath and you can enjoy lots of delicious food!

    Next Day

    Time travel to the past.


    Now that I`ve had a wonderful time in the hotel, I am heading to explore the city in the Misaki Port. First, I arrived at the Chakkirako Miura Showakan, the rooms of this place such as kitchen, are being preserved since the Showa Period.

    It feels like time stopped as I was looking to the items Japanese citizens used back in past and seeing how they lived back then, I found myself travelling back in time, back to the period they were still using these rooms.


    You can learn a lot about the culture and encountered local masterpieces, pottery, Japan`s tradition and get a chance to know more about Misaki Port.

    Experience the tradition in Japanese Shrines.


    I visited the Kainan Shrine that is situated very close to Showakan. This is the sacred place that protects the Miura Peninsula. It`s not so crowded, so take your time and visit this spiritual area.


    The Kainan Shrine is worshiping Iwaka Mutsukari no Mikoto. He is the God of Japanese Culinary World and was also in charge of the Emperor`s food. There is a legend of white horse that if you pray to this shrine, you`ll recover from any disease that affects your legs. I did the same and prayed for good health in mind and body.


    There are many souvenirs around the Shrine and I could spot one that had the shape of tuna. I couldn`t fish for a real fish, but I was happy I could at least enjoy fishing for souvenirs. I got Daikichi(Good Luck) and I hopefully, my wish will be heard.

    More Tuna Cuisine!


    The place that allowed me once again to re-discover Japan`s culture is called Kuroba Tei, a restaurant famous for seafood that has an Izakaya (a type of informal Japanese pub) ambiance – and it serves more than 200 types of tuna dishes!

    Today`s lunch was Tuna Karubi(short ribs), Tuna Tempura(deep fried tuna) skewers and assorted sashimi (thinly sliced type of seafood). Everything was delicious and even though it was the same type of fish the taste is different for each piece, so you can never grow tired of it.

    Souvenir hunting


    After I had my fill of Tuna, I went to check out the Urari Marché – Fish Market・Vegetable Market that is situated near the place I took the boat yesterday, on a 2nd floor building. You can find a lot of fresh fish and vegetables, also if you want to eat tuna again, you can purchase frozen tuna and have it at -hotel.


    There are some shops where you can exchange souvenir gift with the Leisure Facility or Souvenir Selection Ticket of KEIKYU Misaki Maguro Pass. The eligible stores have posters of the KEIKYU Misaki Maguro Daytrip Ticket , I visited one of them and exchange for some pickled tuna.

    Why don`t you give it a try?

    Now that both my heart and stomach feel satisfied, I head to the Keikyu Line and back to Shinagawa. These 2 days passed by way too quickly!

    A way to travel cheaper

    In this trip, I used different means of transportation, but thanks to the `KEIKYU Misaki Maguro Pass` I didn`t need to worry about the ticket office, worry about costs and I traveled freely wherever I wanted to, so I find it very useful!

    This free pass comes with the train and bus tickets(a set of 2-days unlimited ride tickets for all Keikyu line and Keikyu buses) , “Maguro Selection Meal Ticket”(choose from 24 Restaurants) and “Leisure Facility or Souvenir Selection Ticket” (choose 2 from 8 types of activities or souvenirs) , so I traveled without worries.

    The price for 2 days is 5,500 yen, but the dish I ate the first day I came here was 1,700 yen, the round-trip train tickets are 1,860 yen and all the other meals, means of transport, souvenirs are included, so I find it cheaper and handy.

    For the same price, in Tokyo you can probably get about 10 pieces of sushi, so isn`t it better to have transportation, a gourmet experience, various activities and souvenirs in the Misaki Port for the same amount of 5,500 yen?

    There are 1-day tickets “KEIKYU Misaki Maguro Day Trip Ticket”available too, so feel like giving it a try?

    For the great finale

    For the fans of Maguro that want to enjoy a good plate of seafood at an affordable price, the port Misaki is a gourmet paradise! A relaxing environment, quiet and healing nature, that can`t be easily experienced in the capital, brings you peace and a soothing experience.

    You also get to discover its surroundings that have thousands of years of culture, tradition and history, so find yourself a day or two and immerse yourself in this hidden gem of this beautiful country.

    Don`t forget that the KEIKYU Misaki Maguro Pass comes in handy and be ready for your own journey. Off to the Misaki Port!

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