The Best Unusual Places to Visit in Japan

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  • Japan is one of the most visited Tourist Destinations in Asia and one of the most popular countries to visit in the World because of its renowned places, new technologies, trademarks, Japan is rich in culture and history and there are plenty of hot springs and public bathhouses.
    But, unlike the other articles, this one may look strange and new to you because i am going to share the places that are familiar to many Japanese but not familiar to most Foreigners.
    For those travelers who have curious minds and adventurous souls, these unique and unusual locations are most recommended!

    Tokyo parasite museum

    Maybe when we hear the word “parasite”, the first things we feel are fear and being grossed out, also it can make our stomach feel sick, because “parasite” are those unidentified organisms which use other living things as their abode and source of food. There are lots of different kinds of parasites in this world. This Parasite Museum located in Meguro, Tokyo has plenty of mummified parasites for those who want to get to know them better!

    Tokyo parasite museum website

    Cat island, Tashirojima

    This island’s “cat history” started when the local brought one cat to keep mice from his silkworm farms. Ever since then the cat population has been growing, and now there are officially more cats than people living on this island (around 800,000 cats, and 400,000 people).


    Okunoshima Island

    Located in the city of Takehara in Hiroshima prefecture it is also known as the bunny island or ウサギ島 (in Japanese), due to it’s high rabbit population spreading around the island. Some sources say that the rabbits were brought to this island to test the effects of poison during the World war II. Others says that there was a group of students on a school trip to this island who released eight rabbits back in 1971. since then this island is the home of more than 300 rabbits living freely its 700,000 square meters.

    if Okunoshima island captured your interest and you decided to go there you need to take a ferry from Tadanoumi(JR Kure line station), it takes about 2 hours by local train from Hiroshima and costs around ¥1280-¥1500 one way.


    Yoro park

    This park was a project and design of new york based artist named Shusaku Arakawa and his wife/partner Madeline Gins with a nickname “The Site Of Reversible Destiny” located in Yoro, Gifu Prefecture.


    Zeni Arai

    also known as Benzaiten Ugafuku shrine. This shrine is visited by those who want to get lucky with money. The place has a water fountain used for washing the money, if you wash your money in that fountain, it is said that it will greatly increase in amount, it is a popular tourist attraction in Kamakura and is mostly popular among Japanese women who have difficulty to get Pregnant.

    More Info

    Nezumi kozo Grave in Eko-in temple (Ryogoku,tokyo)

    ‘Nezumi kozo’ is a name of Japan’s famous thief of 19th century. He was stealing money from rich people who were earning it in dirty ways and would offer them to the poor people very long time ago. He is regarded as a hero of that time.
    His gravestone in Eko-in temple was believed to bring good fortune if you shave off a piece of his gravestone. But now this practice is banned since the grave is getting smaller as many people tried to get a piece of it.

    Ekoin website *Japanese only

    Mother Farm in Chiba


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    This farm is 2.5 million square meters. There are a lot of different kinds of animals here, events like animal parades, pig racing, milking the cows, picking strawberry and blueberry by yourself can all be done here. Those who are eager to pet some animals are allowed to do so too, this is a great place for kids or nature-loving adults!

    JR LINE: Tokyo Sta. → Kimitsu Sta.
    Highway Bus: Tokyo Sta. → Kimitsu Sta.

    Mother Farm website

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