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    Japan Info is a site that brings information to those who want to travel, work or study here, a site that brings the latest news and updates from Japan and offers you plenty of information regarding the Japanese culture (from anime to temples and shrines, literature and art etc.).

    We are currently spreading the information in 4 languages: English, Chinese, Thai and Indonesian, but we want everybody to be able to find the information they are looking for in their own language, therefore we are now looking for new members to join our editorial department and are planning to increase the language options for our page with not less than 11 languages: Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Burmese(Myanmar`s official language), Khmer(Cambodia`s official language) and Nepali language to follow.

    by cinnamonellie

    Who are we?


    Author’s photo

    Japan Info Co. Ltd. operates the largest language website in Japan having as focus the people interested in Japanese culture and planning to come visit Japan.
    Our website has daily updates and daily articles aimed to 240 countries: for now, regions where English, Chinese (Traditional), Indonesian and Thai Language are used.

    In addition to the Website, we manage the social media platforms (such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flipboard) in the above-mentioned languages, too.
    Japan Info is a member of the Fuji Sankei Group, one of the largest media groups in Japan and our office is located inside one of Fuji Television`s Buildings (Odaiba).

    The view from our Office


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    Our office is located at the 21st floor of Diver City`s Office in Odaiba and it offers a spectacular view from above.

    As we are located in Odaiba, there are many events that take place very close to our office such as the famous Cirque du Soleil(see the picture above), Oktoberfest and many others!

    Yearly, we have a New Years party at Fuji Television with everybody that works here (and sometimes, you even get to meet famous actors/musicians etc.).


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    The building is always decorated according to important events taking place every year (such as Christmas, for example).
    In Spring, the hall will be full of Sakura (Cherry Blossoms) and before the sakura season ends, you get to take home one vase and have your own small tree at home!

    Events, Interviews and Benefits


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    As a writer and editor, sometimes you will be sent to other places such as Kyoto, Hiroshima etc. in order to experience things like wearing a kimono, eating local food, sightseeing in order write a good article(of course, the cost will all be covered by the company).

    One of our writers had the opportunity to visit the Misaki Port and here is the article she wrote about her experience:
    Where to try Japan`s fresh and delicious tuna?

    Also, I personally had the opportunity to participate in an event related to tea, sponsored by Pony Canyon(for those interested, you can check it here)

    Working with us is writing about your experiences in Japan while travelling and having fun!

    Lunch Time- Itadakimasu !


    Author’s photo

    Here is the Fuji Tv’s Cafeteria and sometimes we go there and have lunch and use this opportunity to talk more to each other.
    Of course, the expense is all covered by our boss!

    Author’s photo

    The place has a salad bar and so many other options ! In the picture above I had the “Balanced Meal”, one of my favourites on the menu!

    Author’s photo

    You can also have Sushi, Soba noodles, Udon and so many other meals, so it would be great if we can work together and sometimes hang out for lunch together with the team.

    About us

    Here`s a short introduction about our members so you`d get to know us better:

    Author’s photo

    ★ English Writer and Editor: Elena
    ★ English Proofreader and Spanish Writer: Martin
    ★ Chinese(Traditional) Writer and Editor: Shinon
    ★ Thai Writer and Editor: Nutt
    ★ Indonesian Writer and Editor: Edison

    What is our job?

    · Writing original articles
    · Translating English articles to other languages
    · Posting on the social media platforms
    · Coverage and interviews requested by our clients (on business trips)

    ■ Requirements:

    · Over 20 years old
    · Experience writing on SEO and other web platforms
    · Native language and Business English
    · Japanese Level at least JLPT N3
    · Can commute to Odaiba (paid transportation fee up to 1,500 yen / day)


    · Able to use single-lens reflex cameras and digital cameras to take high-quality pictures
    · Able to film short movies on a smartphone
    · Ability to speak in Japanese (basic)(※ Necessary when going for interviews)
    · You have/ are able to increase followers on social platforms or have a home country network.

    ■ Benefits ·Application deadline

    · Benefits will be specified after the selection
    · Submission deadline: April 30, 2019
    * There is a possibility of finishing recruitment sooner depending on the number of people that passed our screening

    ■ How to apply-Contact

    · After registering on Japan`s Info Facebook JOB group, contact us on Messenger if you are interested
    · The person in charge will reply and we will occur a screening followed by an interview for those who successfully passed the selection for our editorial department

    ■ Handling of personal information

    · We will only use the personal information you`ve highlighted

    A Direct Interview with the president of Japan Info, Inc.


    Author’s photo

    Japan Info is getting more and more attention for its own services of providing various information about Japan, with a wide range, from sightseeing to job hunting in not less than 9 different languages. Let`s find out a bit more about the company and the reason why everyone pays so much attention to it recently.

    Japan Info’s editorial department is located at Daiba, one of the leading tourist spots in Japan. One of Odaiba`s landmarks is the famous “Fuji Television Network” headquarters, a building with a unique eye-catching shape that contributes to the city`s futuristic image.

    Japan Info’s office is located at the top floor of the “Diver City Tokyo”, the biggest shopping mall around Daiba, always full of tourists from all over the world.

    Who is our Boss?


    Author’s photo

    Mr. Tokizawa is the president of our company and after graduating from the university, he worked at the Ministry of International Trade and Industry, then joined Fuji Television Network, Inc.

    After working as a reporter, he was assigned in Paris. He consecutively served as a producer of various information programs. Discovering the potential of the internet and ways of providing information to the world at an early stage, he is now running several social media contents such as Japan Info.

    Below, Tokizawa san answers to a few questions that hopefully, will help you understand more about what we are doing and who we are.

    Q: A career change from government to a TV station was mentioned above, but isn’t it a bit… unusual?

    A: Everyone says so. Nowadays a career change shouldn`t be such a big surprise at all. but at However, at that time, it was so unusual that I was even interviewed for magazines and TV programs. I happened to be on air for the other TV stations other than ours and ended up being scolded by my boss.
    But my goal was the world, more like working and bringing some sort of contribution to it and I feel the same way regardless of my work place.

    Q: How did Japan Info start? What triggered it?

    A: I am the second president of this company. The former president made the basic contents of the media, transmitting information about Japan in English and Chinese. We expanded to 9 languages when I got involved. The number of the foreigners coming to Japan is increasing yearly. People with different nationalities, different purposes such as sightseeing, working or studying are coming to Japan in big numbers year by year. While spreading various information for those who possess an interest towards Japan, it happened that the number of languages gradually increased, now being that of 9 languages.

    Q: What is the charm of Japan Info?

    A: I think the way we treasure foreign people’s points of view is one unique point of our company. Japanese people born and raised in Japan and foreigners don’t have the same sense of thinking and feel things in a different way. Here, at Japan Info, our foreign writers from all over the world get in touch with many aspects of the country and experience Japan through their own eyes, then express their feelings in their own languages and share it with all of you. I think this is one of the reasons why we have many readers from all over the world that accept us.

    Q: What kind of articles are popular?

    A: At first, it was either sightseeing or souvenirs in Japan, but recently, the practical information regarding working and living here is getting more attention; information such as visa and the way of getting one or the way of disposing trash and garbage. Also, hidden spots’ information is also popular (For example, the guide to stay safe in Kabukicho, one of the biggest red-light districts in Japan). It is also interesting that one of our articles, “How to distinguish Japanese, Korean and Chinese” has gained lot of attention from the time we`ve published it until now. To be sincere, even us, Japanese can’t distinguish them yet :P

    Q: Can you express the good points of the working place by one word?

    A: Our office is like a borderless small planet. In this company, we can hear various languages like English, Chinese and Japanese. By being exposed to such diversity and different nationalities everyday, we have the possibility of raising our own global awareness and I believe that is one of this office’s great strengths. More than anything, we can collect information about different interesting aspects of the Japanese culture and the latest news and updates in Japan by ourselves. I think that making a living by doing something you love is the biggest happiness you can achieve.

    Q: What kind of people and skills are required?

    A: Our job is like a bridge between Japan and our writers`, our readers` countries, therefore the ability of introducing Japan to your own country and increasing the love for Japan is part of it.
    In order to do that, we need and hope to work with those who are truly interested in Japan and love this country`s culture. The way you express it so that people would get an image of Japan’s uniqueness and charm is also important so is something our employees are required to have: the skill to share it with you.
    Also, those who like taking photos and have a passion for writing are again, two things we take in consideration when choosing our staff. People that use social media, have their own blogs and love sharing their experiences, sharing the information and knowledge to the world are people we most welcome.

    So, what do you say?

    Come join our growing team and let`s make a difference together!

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