There Is More to Aichi Than You Think! Hop on Linimo and Follow These Popular YouTubers to Discover the Local Culture, Nature and Toyota Cars!

  • Aichi prefecture is located in the middle of Japan, and many visitors coming here usually decide to just stay in Nagoya. However, there are many spots outside Nagoya that are worth visiting and all of them can be accessed using the maglev train “Linimo”, which is the only one in Japan!

    Let’s follow the videos of these 2 popular YouTubers, “Alan”(from Taiwan) and “KemushiChan” (from America), to discover the spots there!

    Learn the history of vehicles in Toyota Automobile Museum


    When visiting this area, you cannot miss the chance to know about Toyota cars, which originated in Aichi prefecture! The Toyota Automobile Museum is located in Nagakute; you can take the Linimo to Geidai-dori Station and walk around 5 minutes to get there. This museum has 2 floors, showcasing around 140 vehicles from all around the world and their history.


    Not only can you see the evolution of automobiles (from the steam car to the electric car) and compare cars from different countries, but you can also enjoy seeing precious vintage cars, such as the replica of a “Toyota Model AA” shown in the photos above, which was the first prototype passenger car launched by Toyota in 1936. If you are a fan of vehicles, this will be like paradise; and if not, you can still learn a lot of things!

    Enjoy natural views in Aichi Expo Memorial Park (Moricoro Park)


    Just 2 stations from the Toyota Automobile Museum, you can visit Moricoro Park, a big park with beautiful natural views and a wide variety of facilities.

    You can take the free shuttle bus in the park to go around, or you can go to the “Cycling Station” in the north entrance of the park to rent a bicycle, and then follow the bicycle route to discover the stunning views. Ride amidst the greenery and take a breath of fresh air. It will make you feel so relaxed!


    There are two spots you must not miss! The first one is the “Home of Satsuki and Mei”, this little wooden house is from “My Neighbor Totoro”, a Japanese animated movie from Studio Ghibli. You can buy tickets to go inside the house and feel like you are in the world of that movie!


    The second one is the Ferris wheel. It’s 88m tall, making it the tallest one in the Tōkai region. You can ride it and enjoy the views of the whole park.


    Enjoying the scenery from the Ferris wheel is even better than on the ground, and it will make you feel refreshed.

    Experience Japanese art and tea in Aichi Prefectural Ceramic Museum


    Enjoying art pieces at Japan’s numerous art museums can be very interesting but making your own art piece is even more fun! Walk around 20 mins from Tojishiryokan Minami Station to not only enjoy seeing ceramic artwork and an old pottery kiln at Aichi Prefectural Ceramic Museum, but also try making your own pottery!


    Aichi Prefectural Ceramic Museum is very large, and you can try pottery or bisque-painting in the “Ceramic Craft Studio”. Reservations are not needed, and there are instructors there to teach you how to do it, and to ensure you can make it successfully. Aichi is famous for its pottery, so why not enjoy making your own souvenir there?


    Besides trying pottery, are there any other ways to experience Japanese culture? In the Tea House “Tosui-an”, you can choose a bowl from Japanese artists and use it to enjoy green tea (matcha) and Japanese traditional sweets! It’s a rare chance to enjoy Japanese pottery and tea culture at the same time!

    Enjoy hot springs and Nagoya`s local food at Nagakute Onsen Gozarasse


    How about getting into an onsen(hot spring) at the end of your trip and relax after a long day? Nagakute Onsen Gozarasse is a hot spring spa at a distance of approximately 20 minutes from the Koen Nishi station where you can enjoy natural hot springs. There are various baths such as outdoor baths surrounded by greens, an unique and a bit unusual cave bath, a carbonated bath with benefits on the skin and also good for your health etc. You will feel so relaxing in the hot water.


    Also, you can enjoy the Nagoya local gourmet at the restaurant “Satsuki Tei”! Here you can try out the Kishimen, Miso cutlets, chicken wings etc. You can enjoy the famous Nagoya cuisine at only one shop so pretty convenient, right?


    Cutlets with thick miso sauce are super crispy and delicious. Even without entering the hot springs, you can still enjoy the local cuisine of Aichi prefecture.

    Additional recommendation: Visit Iwasaki Castle


    If you have more time in Aichi prefecture, let me introduce one more good place to visit! For the convenience of local people and visitors, there is a campaign that allows people to rent bicycles for free. You can go to the bicycle shop “JOY” that is near Irigaike Koen Station to rent a bicycle and then take a 30-minute ride to Iwasaki Castle. This castle is from the Sengoku period, when Japan experienced constant warfare and instability. Here you can enjoy the silent atmosphere and learn Japanese history.

    Transportation and discount information


    Do you want to visit all the spots we mentioned, but worry about how to access them? No worries! You can take the Linimo to visit all these places. Linimo is a maglev train which is the only one in Japan, all the stations on the Linimo line are very near, with just a two-minute ride between them. Using this train is really convenient!

    If you start your trip from Chubu Centrair International Airport, you can take the bus to Fujigaoka Station and transfer to the Linimo line. If you are traveling from Nagoya Station, you can use the Higashiyama Line to Fujigaoka Station and transfer there.


    If you want to make your trip even cheaper, you can buy a one-day ticket just like the YouTubers did! This ticket costs 800 yen, and you can take unlimited rides between Fujigaoka and Yakusa on the day of purchase.

    You can also get some discounts at certain places, for example, a 200-yen discount when going to the Toyota Automobile Museum, a 100-yen discount when buying a ticket for the Ferris wheel in Moricoro Park, 20 percent discounts for special exhibitions / temporary exhibitions at Aichi Prefectural Ceramic Museum, and more. That way you can end up saving more money!

    If you want to plan an efficient trip, please check the following link. You can check the videos of these 2 YouTubers and get the information of the spots they visited:

    Linimo×YouTuber in Aichi Website

    The places on the Linimo line are truly hidden gem. You can leave the busy city and relax in the nature, discover Japanese culture, history, and art, and find the other side of Japan. These spots are not far from each other, and you can simply use the Linimo line to visit all of them. It’s that easy and convenient! Plan your trip and head to Aichi!