How to Distinguish Japanese People, Korean and Chinese People from their fashion?

  • Let`s discuss about the difference between Japanese People, Koreans and Chinese People looking at their fashion style. Imagine you come to Japan, but have no idea what language people use, but just by looking at their outfit you figure out their country.
    There are also other ways to recognize them(you can read more here), but in this article I`ll talk about doing that just by taking a glance at their attire.

    How to distinguish Japanese people by their clothes?

    In my opinion, Japanese people are the easiest to distinguish among all 3 countries. Japanese fashion seems to be well planned as Japanese people tend to focus more on the details.
    Depending on the age, job, hobbies, their style might differ a little as Japanese people tend to put a lot of effort into adjusting the clothes to look trendy, but the outfit must be properly chosen for their status,too. Not only that, but most of the Japanese women dress up and spend time to beautifully arrange their hair and do their make-up depending on the occasion.

    Businessmen usually wear tones of grey and black, being dressed up formally on workdays, while on holidays, they like to wear casual outfits and comfortable clothes,such as UNIQLO, MUJI etc. When they choose fashion designer brands, many of them go for famous Japanese brands like Kenzo, Comme des Garçon, ISSEY MIYAKE etc.

    Students and youngsters, due to their age opt for more colorful styles and their outfits have more diversity, focusing on accessories like socks,colorful sleeves etc. just like their national character – well managed and consistency.

    How about Chinese people?

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    China is very big, therefore the style might differ depending on the area. Also, as social status and wealth represents a current problem in China, there is a bit of inequality and it has an effect on the people`s outfits,too as “fashion” seems to be only enjoyed by wealthy people.
    Chinese people who can afford to travel to Japan are usually rather wealthy, so when you find Chinese people in Japan, they dress up rather good and glamorous, using items from popular fashion brands.

    According to the statistics from Weixin, Dior, Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Coach, Hermes, Chanel, Burberry etc. are popular brands among Chinese people as they like showing off by using items with a well-known brand logo. Also, many people like to imitate beauty-gurus and influencers on social media as they stand out more than people from other countries.

    Fashion and Koreans

    Korean fashion is very unique as they have their own style and it can easily be distinguished as Korean fashion just by looking at the colors they chose and the way they coordinated their outfit. Korean people usually like clothes with simple designs and decide on for pastels, peach color or a vegetation color palette theme. The young people like wearing local brands such JUUN.J、WooYoungmi、Blindness、Pushbutton、Ordinary People etc.

    Compared to the Japanese youngsters, Korean people tend to dress up more stylish and girls focus more on femininity choosing a more sexy look while Japanese girls prefer a pure and cute image.


    As they are all Asian countries and shopping online is quite popular, buying clothes from other countries is easy, therefore the differences of all three countries are present, but minor.

    Moreover, Korean fashion grew in popularity, especially in Japan, so now you can even find many Korean brands in places like Harajuku, for example(where you can spot the brand KONVINI, (me), Romantic Standard and so on) and to be honest, many Japanese teenagers started to dress up like Koreans as Korea`s idols are quite the boom right now.
    Therefore, sometimes you might find it a bit difficult to distinguish Japanese people from Korean people(mostly youngsters).


    Japanese – tend to dress up based on season, occasion and are geniuses when it comes pairing accessories (hats, socks, scarfs Etc.) with the rest of their clothes. They mainly choose Japanese brands and combine it with European ones.

    Chinese – they like using well-known fashion brands. Females prefer sexier styles while males go for a more casual look. They mainly choose European brands to match with Japanese and Korean famous designer brands.

    Koreans – they love the skin color tone and a simpler fashion style. Youngsters nowadays imitate the KPOP idols when it comes to outfits and they mainly opt for Korean fashion brands and with European brands.



    Although there are differences between Japanese, Koreans and Chinese people`s fashion style , everyone has their own style,so there is no standard method to distinguish each country. Instead of following and pretending to be someone else, the most important thing is to choose the clothes you like and show your identity!

    When you come to Japan, have you ever noticed what people wear and tried guessing their country? If not, try to do that next time you visit the country and also share your thoughts with us !