How to enjoy Roppongi nightlife, Tokyo

  • Do you want to party? It is the best way to experience a new place. Whatever kind of party you want you can find it in Tokyo. One of the most famous entertainment places to go for a night out is Roppongi.

    Roppongi is where the foreigners and the socialites of Japan go to party. It is upscale and boasts of a variety of bars, dance clubs and other joints. It started with the GIs in the post-war era. It is famous but also notorious at the same time.

    Drinks and Music

    There are a lot of places to go to in Roppongi depending on your tolerance for adventure. You can start out with going to some decent places like Hard Rock Cafe which is just like the other Hard Rock Cafes in other parts of the world. They have live bands on special days and weekends. You can get a Hard Rock Cafe Tokyo t-shirt too as a souvenir.

    There are also Jumanji and Green land where you pay an entrance fee of 1000 Yen which gives you a complimentary drink. Great place to enjoy music and beer and cocktails for 500 Yen.

    Now if you do not want to pay an entrance fee there is Vibration and Black Horse. Just get in and pay for the drinks you consume.

    There are also a lot of R&B places you can get in for free, just pay for your drinks.

    Do You Wanna Dance?

    And if you feel like dancing the night away you could try Feria or the Wall Street Night Club which has multi-floor dance floors to let loose and shake your booty. A lot of Japanese and foreigners go to Feria and Wall Street to party. Lots of locals, great sounds and reasonable prices too.

    Bar Hopping Tour

    If you want a safe and fun night there is a group called the Tokyo Pub Crawl that organizes groups to go bar hopping. You visit 3 bars and the last stop is a club where you can go dancing when you are a little tipsy to let loose. You can go with a group or go solo and meet some new friends. Here is their website where you can join any or their events.
    Tokyo Pub Crawl group

    Here is a map to get you to Roppongi

    Just remember to party responsibly. Best to go with a buddy who can take you home if you get too wasted.

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