Lost in Lust: The Incredible World of Japanese Kinky Love Hotels

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  • There is something absolutely fascinating about Japanese love hotels. Catered to adults and devoted exclusively to sex, they offer a calm oasis in this archipelago of condensed apartment buildings and where, at least traditionally, several generations live together. These are not the decrepit North American motels where extramarital affairs take place and where villains in Hollywood movies stay before committing some murder. Instead, you get a discreet paradise with beautifully decorated rooms, giant televisions, pools, hot tubs, saunas, and karaoke machines.

    by Martin Danker

    Of course, each love hotel will offer different amenities, but you can get a clear idea of what to expect. Sadly, the exuberant thematic love hotels of the past that set the example of what this line of business was like are slowly going extinct. The present day love hotels favor more simplistic and perhaps generic decorations, a move after the Business Affecting Public Morals Regulation Act targeted love hotels in the 80s. Nevertheless, these establishments are still incredibly fun for those who want some privacy and who would not like to bring someone home for sex because of a variety of reasons, from family members living there to the the embarrassment of having to show a disgustingly messy room. For that reason, we have decided to compile some of our favorite (you read that right, our) love hotels in Tokyo, and the kinkiest ones in Japan.

    Who Benefits From a Love Hotel?

    Before we jump into our recommendations, it’s important to identify if love hotels are the right thing for you. After all, not everyone might be a fan of this idea. Therefore, why should you stay in a love hotel?


    This might be the easiest reason that comes to your mind if you are only going to have casual sex with a stranger or even one of those friends you have sex with from time to time, no strings attached. Tokyo is a huge city, and if you happen to live far from the city center, then popping into a commuter train and waiting patiently for an hour or so to get to your home station before walking to your house or apartment can end up killing the mood, not to mention that is just wasting time you could have already spent engaging in foreplay or sex. Instead of subjecting yourself and whoever you are about to “sleep with” to that much annoyance, just head to a love hotel, do whatever you both agreed to do, and then relax. That’s why those rooms have those gigantic TVs.

    Valentine’s Day and White Day

    Remember that I mentioned that love hotels don’t have the same connotation as similar establishments in the rest of the world? I truly meant it. Love hotels can be so beautifully embellished that they end up creating an atmosphere that’s ideal for Valentine’s Day. You have your room, sofa, a bottle of champagne, and a huge television; use them to your advantage. Of course, not all love hotels are built the same, so do your research before booking one. You don’t want to end up booking one that actually looks like a run down Motel 6. Additionally, there are hotels that offer theme rooms for those who are feeling kinky, while others have rooms where decorations and colors were toned down, making them look more romantic. It’s really up to both of you and what kind of night you want to have.

    Jyoshikai – Girl’s Party

    Love hotels are becoming increasingly popular venues for Jyoshikai. Jyoshikai are girls’ parties, and since love hotels offer not only privacy, but also a wide range of amenities that are perfect for this type of events. For example, some love hotels offer rooms with karaoke machines and hot tubs, making them an ideal location for a group of girls to sing and relax without having to worry about there being any strangers who could disrupt them. That’s why some love hotels offer great packages for girls’ parties. So if you want to spend some time with your friends, eat some sweets, drink champagne, enjoy the bathtub, sing, and have long conversations in the privacy of your own room, go ahead and book a love hotel.


    You are probably already familiar with the living situations in Tokyo and Japan as a whole. Maybe you live with your parents, siblings, and grandparents. Maybe you are staying at a share house with very thin walls and noise regulations. Maybe your life is an absolute mess, and you have dishes piling up in the sink and a mountain of clothes you haven’t washed by your bed. If both of you can have sex in the scenarios mentioned above, then fine, go have intercourse in your room. However, if you want to preserve your reputation, establish some privacy, and not having to control the sound of your orgasms, then by all means go to a love hotel.


    This one is pretty self-explanatory, so we are not going to go into much detail. Are you having an extramarital affair? Yes? Then don’t go to your home, or their home. A love hotel should do.

    Now that we have established whether a love hotel is right for you, let’s check some of the best and kinkiest ones in Japan!

    Kinkiest Love Hotels in Japan

    To start off this list, we would like to talk about four love hotels with themes and decorations that awaken our kinkiest fetishes and fantasies.Three of these four hotels are located in places outside of Tokyo, but since many love hotels tend to have similar aesthetics, finding those that are truly unique can be a bit challenging. Because of that, we want to show you these incredibly fun love hotels that will complement the sexual fantasy you want to recreate.

    1. Alpha-In, Tokyo

    There’s something absolutely hilarious about an SM love hotel located in the midst of the expensive apartment buildings of Azabu, an affluent neighborhood in Tokyo. The facade can be a bit creepy, the building’s closed windows and the intentionally decaying-looking exterior making the place seem more like an abandoned mental institution than a love hotel. Inside, each room looks like one of those sex dungeons from porn films. As far as kinky love hotels go, Alpha-In is the best one in Tokyo.


    2. Towers Hotel, Osaka

    Another hotel with a vast variety of themes. Here you can find expansive rooms with bathtubs and mood lighting. One even has a pool! And we are not talking about one of those romantic plunge pools you’ll find at some beach resorts. This one is bigger. However, the kinkiest room here, and the one that immediately caught our attention is Room 505. Modeled after a JR train, this room allows you to fulfill the fantasy of having sex on a train while commuting to work. Kinky, kinky, kinky.

    Towers Hotel

    3. Hotel Racecourse Us, Niigata

    This love hotel is a winner because of the many different rooms it offers. Want to have sex inside a Japanese prison cell of yore? Done! This hotel has a room like that. Would you like to play patient-doctor and do it inside a hospital room? Book Room 203, which comes with its own examination table. Always wanted to fulfill the fantasy of having sex inside a classroom? Then Room 201 is right for you. As you can attest, this love hotel is reason enough to visit Niigata.

    Hotel Racecourse Us

    4. Blue Hotel Octa, Sapporo

    Octa has some interesting rooms that will surely spice up your night. For example, there are rooms facing a racetrack, there is a room with a romantic circular bed that will bring you back to another decade; and then there is Room 215 with its illuminated glass floors, cow leather decorations, and pool. The jaw-dropping effect will be instantaneous. These rooms are quirky, very quirky, and you will love them.

    Blue Hotel Group also has other hotels across Japan, all with great rooms lovers and friends can enjoy!

    Blue Hotel Octa

    Romantic Love Hotels in Tokyo

    Not everyone wants to make a sex fantasy come to life when staying at a love hotel. In fact, many people just want a clean room and a bed with white bed sheets. These love hotels, all in Tokyo or close to it, are among our favorite in this bustling metropolis. Don’t be shy, and book a room!

    1. Gransky

    There is no doubt about it. When it comes to love hotels, Gransky is among Japan’s crown jewels. Located in Kinshicho, not too far from the eye-catching Tokyo Skytree, Gransky offers seven types of rooms varying in size and price. The decoration is not too over the top, retaining the typical colors of many love hotels (particularly the lobby with its granite countertops, black walls and floors, and shiny decorations). Depending on which room you choose, the interiors might remind you of a mixture between a bachelor pad and one of the rooms from The Fifth Element, right before Diva Plavalaguna sings. As it’s to be expected, the bathrooms are equipped with whirlpool bathtubs; and if you are paying for a suite, you’ll have a big TV there as well.


    2. Hotel Meguro Emperor

    Versace-like pillows? Dollhouse wallpapers? A castle facade? No, thanks. Oh, wait? It’s a love hotel? Yes, please! There’s just something about themed rooms that makes a love hotel so appealing despite the sum of those style choices creating something that would be categorized as extremely tacky. Hotel Meguro Emperor is just like that. The interiors are almost Victorian, or at least trying to be; but as it’s typical with hotels of this caliber, the immersion is never complete due to the other elements that don’t go well with whatever the original theme was supposed to be. While that would be completely atrocious in a theme park like Disneyland, it’s part of what makes Hotel Meguro Emperor so charming; not to mention that it paints a clear picture of what the famed themed love hotels of yore used to be like.

    Hotel Meguro Emperor

    3. Hotel Aroma Ikebukuro

    Something we truly like about Hotel Aroma in Ikebukuro is that each room has a different character; and by that, we are not talking just about different lighting or bed sheets, we are talking about the style as a whole. Their different rooms are called: Bali, Oriental, Japanese, and Stylish. As you can imagine by reading those names, each room is themed to its specific name, so if you decide to stay in a Bali room you will see decorations similar to those of the famed villas in Ubud, while staying in a Stylish room will make you feel as if you were in a regular apartment. This love hotel also offers four types of relaxation baths: floral, wine, sake, and milk. If that was not enough to lure you in, the rooms are not over-the-top at all, not even slightly; which makes them among the most beautiful ones of any love hotel in the city.

    Hotel Aroma

    4. Hotel Linden – Oji and Ikebukuro

    Another love hotel with a wide array of rooms. The one in Oji, just north of Tokyo, features rooms with various wallpapers and chandeliers that will either make the room darker in appearance, or calmer. However, the true king here is the Japanese room on the fifth floor. Featuring a rock garden, sauna, and outdoor onsen-like bath makes this the most coveted room in the whole hotel.

    As for the Linden hotel in Ikebukuro, while the rooms tend to have a similar feeling, the Types A, B, and C offer something quite special. The Type C offers a sauna, while the Types A and B have outdoor baths similar to the ones you can find at expensive beach resorts, which makes this a great option for those who want to spend a romantic moment below the night sky.

    Hotel Linden – Oji
    Hotel Linden – Ikebukuro

    5. Hotel Sulata

    There’s something absolutely charming about Sulata’s wood flooring and calm decorations that transport you to a tropical island. It’s not a full immersion, of course, since the rooms are quintessentially Japanese in the business hotel type of sense. However, the rooms try really hard to masquerade those details, the presence of wood and the bedding offered making it seem as if you were in Koh Samui. In the end, the bledning of these two different styles is what makes Hotel Sulata such a quiet and comfortable love hotel.

    Hotel Sulata

    6. Hotel Iroha

    What’s not to love about Hotel Iroha? This love hotel looks more like a showroom thanks to its incredible aesthetics and decorations. The main selling point is the design, which is both minimalistic and clean, making this one of the very few (and perhaps only) love hotels that could serve as your source of inspiration when decorating your own apartment or bedroom. Expect some of the same fantastic amenities and features other love hotels offer, including selected room with outdoor showers and bathtubs.

    Hotel Iroha

    Things to Consider

    Since many people going to love hotels don’t want to be seen, privacy is of utmost importance. Many establishments don’t have front desk, instead having various touchscreens that allow you to select the room you want without having to interact with another living creature.

    Another thing to keep in mind is that you can opt how many hours you need in that room, so it’s not necessary to spend the whole night there. If you think you can finish things up in three hours, then you can be charged exclusively for those 180 minutes.

    Gay Couples

    Lastly, while women in a same-sex relationship might not have any issues booking a room at a love hotel, the same can’t be said for gay men. Love hotels are notorious for rejecting male couples, which is a huge shame in this day and age. While I can’t tell you not to try to stay at a love hotel, I will warn you about this practice since it can save you from experiencing a very infuriating situation. The best bet is going to love hotels near Ni-chome, Tokyo’s gay district located close to Shinjuku-Sanchome Station. Fortunately, recently introduced anti-discrimination guidelines sent to hotels and ryokan stipulate that customers might not be rejected due to their sexual orientation and identity. So hopefully we will see this type of discrimination fade.


    As you can see, my dear reader, there are many options to choose from when looking for the perfect love hotel to meet your needs. It will all depend on your situation and mood since not all love hotels are suitable for every single individual. We hope that this information helps you or even encourages you to stay in a love hotel; and if you are still feeling slightly shy, just tell yourself that you are going for the cultural experience. After all, Japanese love hotels can be considered an endemic species here.

    *Featured Image by loveinnjapan on Instagram