Hiroshima, where the peace belongs

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  • What is everyone’s first impression on Hiroshima?
    Atomic Bombs! Nuclear! Yup! You’re right… People keep asking if it is okay to go to Hiroshima. “Will there be no side effects? I’ve heard it took 100 years to fully recover?” blah blah blah… Hiroshima nowadays is a very safe place to go. If you ever wanted to come to Japan, but big busy cities like Tokyo and Osaka just aren’t to your liking, then Hiroshima is the place for you!

    Peace Memorial Park

    The Hiroshima City itself is famous for its Peace Memorial Park where the Memorials of the Nuclear Incident are installed. The atomic Dome and the Museum are around the park too. This is the must-shoot spot. If there’s a festival going, the fire in the middle will be lit. The building in the back is the Atomic Dome. The only building left after the incident.

    As you walk around the park you will see thousands of these: origami cranes joined together as a symbol of peace.

    During summer, a Peace Memorial Ceremony is held on the 6th of August, lots of people from all over the world come to pray for the souls lost during the bombing.

    While in spring, you can enjoy the famous Sakura along the riverside of the Peace Memorial Park. Around early May there will also be a flower festival!

    The Atomic Dome is also very beautiful in the Autumn, as Hiroshima is also famous for its maple trees. (Don’t forget to try their Momiji Manju: a maple-shaped cake)Winter? It is still nice, but the weather is quite cold…
    But the most important point is unless there is Festival held, Hiroshima is never a busy city! The road might be a little busy but the touristic spots are always very spacey, and the people somehow are very friendly too!

    If you’re lucky, you’ll meet some local volunteer who will guide you around talking about the history for free!


    In regards to ticket prices, as of 2017, a standard ticket costs 200 yen for adults. Tip: If you are a student most of the touristic spots in Hiroshima provide student discounts on the entrance ticket.

    In case you don’t feel like reading about history, there are many cool things to see in the museum. And I really suggest to watch the video at the video areas on the 1st and 3rd floors.

    If you are not really interested in history then don’t stop by the city and go further down to Miyajima.
    But we’ll talk about it in another article!

    To sum this up, do visit Hiroshima at least for a day. It will do you no harm at all!