The Top 7 Prestigious National Universities in Japan

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  • Those who want to continue their studies in Japan can chose one among the seven national universities of Japan which are all ranked among the topmost prestigious universities in the world. The entrance procedures to enroll to these universities can be difficult, but as you become part of one of these universities, you will have a chance to know Japan , its lifestyle, and culture deeper. There are many other universities in the country which are famous and renowned. But these seven are the oldest, however the most vibrant universities of Asia.

    1. Tokyo University

    Tokyo university, or Todai, is located at Bunkyo of Tokyo which was established in 1877. It is the most famous university in Asia. There many foreign students studying there. There are about 10 different faculties in this university. It has campuses at Nakano, Shirokane, Komaba, Hongo, and Kashiwa. Among Japan’s five international universities, Todai is ranked as the first one. It is the most renowned among the universities of Asia and takes the 21st place in the world. This university has produced many famous personalities in different fields of the society.

    Tokyo university Official Website

    2. Kyoto University

    Kyoto university, also called Kyodai, is located in Kyoto, Japan’s former capital and the city with the most famous cultural spots. The national university of Kyoto is the second among the Japanese universities. This university has produced many scholars and Nobel prize winners.

    Kyoto University Official Website

    3. Nagoya University

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    Nagoya university, or the Meidai, situated at Chikusa of Nagoya is also one among the seven national universities of Japan. It was established in 1871 and is the last imperial Japanese university. It has been ranked as the third among top universities of Japan since 2014. Situated in a nature-friendly campus in the heart of vibrant city, this university offers many outdoor activities and sports.

    Nagoya University Official Website

    4. Osaka University

    Osaka university, or Handai, located in Osaka, is one among the seven national universities of Japan. It is the sixth oldest university of the country. It is one of the most prominent among the universities of Japan. Many scientists and the famous Nobel winners such as Hideki Yuka come from this university. It has 16 graduate schools, 11 undergraduate schools, 5 research institutes, and 2 hospitals under the university.

    Osaka University Official Website

    5. Tohoku University

    Tohoku university, or Tohokudai, is located in Sendai, Miyagi prefecture of Tohoku. It is the third oldest Japanese university. It has taken it’s part in many innovations like antennas, mass spectrometry etc.

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    6. Hokkaido University

    Hokkaido university or Hokudai is located in Sapporo, and is one of the topmost universities of Japan. Its campus is in Hakodate.

    Hokkaido University Official Website

    7. Kyushu University

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    Kyushu university, or Kyudai, is located in Fukuoka, Kyushu. It is the largest university of Kyushu and was built in 1911. It mainly includes the medical and engineering colleges. It offers 11 undergraduate courses and 18 graduate courses and has its own research centers.

    Kyushu university Official Website

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