5 of Kyoto’s Best High-End Traditional Japanese Hotels

  • Kyoto was Japan’s ancient capital for over 1,000 years and it remains the most historically important city in Japan. If you go, you should make sure that you visit Kyoto to appreciate what this ancient imperial capital has to offer.

    Kyoto has lots of Ryokans or inns, where travelers can stay and feel relaxed, and they are even better than hotels since they are located in scenic areas. Here below, are 5 of the best high-end ryokans that I recommend you to try.

    1. Tawaraya

    Tawaraya is believed to be the best Ryokan, not only in Kyoto, but in all of Japan. It is rated as one of the best places to stay in the world.

    Unfortunately, Tawaraya cannot be booked directly online. You can make an availability inquiry through Tripadvisor, but you have to call for a reservation.

    Tawaraya website *Japanese Only

    2. Hi-Ragiya

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    Located in downtown Kyoto, directly across the street from its main competitor, Tawaraya, the Hi-ragiya is easily one of the best ryokans in Kyoto. This luxury ryokan is located in Nakagyo Ward, close to Kyoto Holy Annunciation Cathedral, Nijo Castle, and Kyoto Imperial Palace. Also nearby are Kiyomizu Temple and Gion Corner. Unfortunately, Hi-ragiya cannot be booked immediately online. You can make an availability inquiry through their website.

    Hi-Ragiya website

    3. Tamahan

    Tamahan is one of Kyoto’s most beautiful traditional ryokans. It’s located in a hidden corner of the Southern Higashiyama district accessible only by the incredibly atmospheric Ishibei-koji lane. With no cars to disturb you, you’ll enjoy the quietness and comfort of the place as you come and go. As its precedent, it cannot be booked immediately online.

    Tamahan Website

    4. Ugenta

    So different from what any traveler may expect, it will amaze anyone that such extraordinary places like this still exists. Just 30 minutes north of Kyoto lies the picturesque Ugenta Inn. Unfortunately, Ryokan Ugenta cannot be booked immediately online.

    Ugenta website

    5. Hoshinoya

    Hoshinoya is an embodiment of the vision, “Discover the Ultimate Japan Experience”, a new class of Japanese resorts infused with contemporary style and is dedicated to upholding the standard of Japanese hospitality. For reservations, call 050-3786-0066 (8am-9pm).

    Hohinoya website

    All of the mentioned Ryokans are simply the best and offer amazing sevice. Its really a must try for every traveller in Japan, and trully, satisfaction is guaranteed!

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