Would you like to see a magical beauty of nature reflected on the water surface?

  • SPOT
  • Mishaka Pond was made famous after being depicted in a well known Japanese painting.
    Please enjoy the magical beauty of each season as they reflect off the water surface.

    Mishaka Pond is a famous spot visited by many tourists from all over Japan.

    The water is highly acidic, and the hostile environment for fish and other organisms result in very clear water.
    Sky and greenery reflect off the natural, pure palette, giving birth to a very impressive sight.

    If you are visiting, we recommend you to visit early in the morning, before the morning mist clears.
    Particularly in the spring with new green leaves or summertime with deep greens, the lush green leaves reflecting on the pond is truly magical.
    You may even spot water fowl gliding slowly in the water.

    In the fall, the water surface flourish with colors from the foliage from surrounding forests.
    We also see many dragonfly, which are common in the fall, and the way they fly above the water makes us smile.

    If you visit once, it is sure to become a place you wish to return many more times.