A Brief Introduction on How to Use a Japanese Capsule Hotel

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  • Surely you have heard about the incredible capsule hotels in Japan, where you basically have no space other than your private bed, sleeping with a dozen other guests in a hotel constructed with a honey-comb-like appearance. When visiting Japan, it is definitely an exciting experience! But be warned, it is not for those who suffer from claustrophobia.

    As usual in Japan, there are certain rules and etiquette that is very different to other places, so if you want to be prepared, make sure to check out our tips below on how to use a capsule hotel properly.


    学校の下駄箱 靴ロッカー 日本の学校 shoe lookers

    Similar to Japanese houses, the first rule to remember is to take off your shoes. No shoes are allowed past the front desk, so you will need to make use of the shoe locker usually located near the front desk.

    Check in


    Once you check in, you will receive a key, which is often attached to a wristband, similar to hot spas. The key is not a room key, it is the key to a locker in the changing room, where you can lock up your valuable belongings. The locker number is the same as your capsule number.

    Change your clothes


    You will receive a robe or some pyjama-like sweats which you can get changed into immediately after you check in so you can get comfortable.



    Some capsule hotels offer a public bath to their guests. Similar to sento etiquette, you need to wash your body before entering the bathtub and needless to say, the bath area is separated by gender.

    Attention: if you have tattoos or piercings, you need to cover them, otherwise you cannot use the baths.



    Most capsule hotels offer food and drinks which you can purchase by using your capsule number. This way, you will be charged and pay when you checkout. Some capsule hotels even offer free drinks! If you are a smoker: do not smoke in the capsule, there is a designated smoking area in the hotel.

    Using the Capsule and Checking Out

    bedroom on the spaceship

    Shutters at the capsule are provided, but the walls are thin, so make sure to be a quiet guest!

    Your check out time will be given during check in, but it is usually at 10 AM.

    I hope you enjoy your first capsule hotel experience here in Japan, and hopefully, these tips will help to make your experience easy and comfortable!

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