Stay in the Heart of Kobe: Sannomiya Terminal Hotel

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  • It was my first time to go to Kobe to attend an international seminar. At that time, I was still a student and didn’t have much money to pay for an expensive hotel so I went for a cheap accommodation I found through the internet. It was a hostel and I booked a shared room for four.

    I had a hard time locating the hostel and the moment I got there, I disliked it. The building was dark and the lobby was not spacious and worst, the innkeeper was sleeping when I got there and I had to call many times before he came to accommodate me. It was a bad experience. I couldn’t sleep well that night since I could hear the noisy (and maybe drunk) occupants in the next room. So, the next day I decided to check out and that very same night I started look for a new accommodation online.

    Sannomiya Terminal Hotel


    In my online search, I found a hotel located in the very heart of Kobe City. It was Sannomiya Terminal Hotel. The price was very affordable and I was able to book it without even using a credit card. I was hesitant at first because usually when you book online, they always ask you to pay in advance using your credit card. So, the next morning I went to find the location of the hotel. It was no sweat at all because the hotel is just within the premises of Sannomiya Station. When I got there, I was greeted with the pleasant, smart-looking receptionists. They were so dainty with their uniforms. They even spoke some English to foreigners. They were very prompt and just after a few minutes, I got checked in. I got my key and went up to my room. I really liked my room. It was very homey. It was clean and spacious enough for a single occupant. And when I looked outside the window, I had a very nice view of the bustling city.


    If you go to Kobe, I greatly recommend Sannomiya Terminal Hotel. It is very accessible, very affordable and very convenient. No worries if you want to travel around the city, it is right in the transportation hub. Don’t worry if you need to buy something, there are so many shops and convenience stores nearby.

    No worries if you get hungry, you can go to the first floor where the Bakery Café Le Chante-Clair is, to the fourth floor where Restaurant la Page and the Banquet Room are, and to the eleventh floor where more restaurants are ready to serve you.

    Check out more information on rooms, rates, and facilities here!

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