4 Things You Didn’t Know About Capsule Hotels

  • There are many reasons you might need a capsule hotel. You might be the interested tourist who doesn’t want to miss this exciting experience, you might be a businessman who worked overtime and missed the last train home (and taking a taxi is usually more expensive than staying in a capsule hotel). Or, you missed the train due to too much drinking or you’re embarrassed to meet your spouse at night being totally wasted. Whatever reason it is, there are some facts about capsule hotels that most people don’t know about. Here are four of them!

    1. The first capsule hotel did not open in Tokyo

    It is surprising to hear that the capital was not where everything started. The first capsule hotel actually opened in Osaka. Capsule Inn Osaka is still in business, they even accept online reservations.

    2. Capsule hotels started doing business more than 30 years ago

    To be exact, Capsule Inn Osaka opened in 1979, that is 36 years ago. Who would have thought that they would become so popular among business people and tourists alike?

    3. Not all capsule hotels are 2 square meters long and 1.20 meters high!

    Some capsule hotels are bigger and are even more luxuriously equipped with various facilities. Some capsule hotels have luxurious lobbies, with a chandelier and posh bar included.

    4. There are capsule hotels outside Japan, too!

    In the UK, there is Yo!Tel, Russia has the Sleepbox Hotel and Singapore has THE POD. China has many too, with the first, Xitai Capsule Hotel, having opened in 2011.

    *Featured Image:jp.fotolia.com/

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